Monday, August 13, 2012

Menu Plan Monday!

Another week has flown by! We are still trying some new recipes each week, and so far, ALL have been winners! I'll post the details on these soon.

Meanwhile, I'm getting back into the groove of menu planning, cooking and shopping according to my menu.  So far, so good, and I'm pleased that each week the fridge is basically empty, indicating we're no longer wasting as much food as we seem to when I don't practice these habits! YAY!

A new school year began here this week, which is always exciting and makes me sort of shift gears for fall (though our son is not yet school age, knowing school is back in makes me *feel* like life has a different pace).  This change of pace has me excited for football season, cooler weather, and my favorite season - FALL!

We'll be trying another new recipe this Sunday, as well as working through our current freezer stash (our deep freeze needs to be defrosted, and it's got to be mostly empty before I can do that!)

Here's the plan! We're eating a lot of broccoli for sides this week, because I forgot to get salad and/or spinach at the store! I'm also trying to move toward whole-foods and all-natural-ingredient recipes, so I will include some notes about these goals below.

Sunday: Cheesy Enchilada Casserole, Broccoli. Can't wait to try this casserole, as hubby adores Mexican food, and will be using Wildtree Salsa Mix (a new product we haven't tried) and making homemade taco seasoning for this recipe.

Monday: Leftovers for us; will be making Citrus Roast Chicken for my little guy this week. Trying to get away from supermarket rotisserie chicken!

Tuesday: Whole Grain Baked Tilapia, Baby Lima Beans, Crescent Rolls. The tilapia is all-natural and comes from Costco.

Wednesday: Chicken Spaghetti, Broccoli. This is a freezer pleaser for us, but next time I make it I want to try making homemade cream of chicken soup.

Thursday: Pinto Beans and Ham (oh, so yummy and so simple! TWO ingredients! I use organic beans and all-natural ham.), Southern Cornbread

Friday: Weeknight Lasagna Toss, Broccoli

Saturday: Birthday party at friends' house

For more menu inspiration, head over to OrgJunkie!


Jane In The Jungle said...

OMGosh I had no idea you were bloggin again because I haven't been blogging either LOL! And of course I pick our first day of school to check in????? You sound like you're cooking like I do now, natural and organic as much as possible. I buy grass fed beef and free range eggs from a mom in Ga and we half hogs from the guy who processes our beef. I'm in a food coop from Azure Standard out of Oregon, it has been a great experience, it's delivered monthly here. One question, do you find cooking more fun now that you're home?

Angela said...

Oh yay! So glad to see you stop by here! I think we have all fallen off the blogging wagon lately, but I'm trying to get back on lol!

Yes, definitely trying to cook more naturally and with whole foods whenever possible. The coop sounds awesome! I do really enjoy cooking even more now that I am home. I can start dinner early in the day if I want, and can use my crockpot more now that everything doesn't have to cook 12 hours! Wahoo!

BerryMorins Bits & Tips said...

I'm stopping by for a visit from Organizing Junkie today.
It's another 107 degree day in Las Vegas. Man! Am I looking forward to cooler temps. Unfortunately, we don't usually start cooling down till late September or October.
Your menu for the week sounds delicious! The Citrus Roasted Chicken looks so good. And I love that you cooked it in a dutch oven.

LaTrice Roman said...

Chicken Spaghetti...Absolute a must try.. Im a gound beef type of girl but i love chicken so maybe Ill mix it up a little. Thanks! Visiting from orgjunkie!

Angela said...

Thank you LaTrice! That is one of our family's favorites, and is a permanent fixture in my freezer so I always have it on hand! Definitely try it!

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