Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New Year's resolution, after all!

Happy New Year!

Okay, I did not plan to make any New Year's resolutions. And I still don't plan to... except this one. Taking some inspiration from my friend Lora, I hereby resolve that in the month of January, we are going to buy as few groceries as possible and eat the food we already have. I did something similar a couple years ago, and it felt great to use up food we've already got on hand (not to mention saving on the grocery bill!), so after reading Lora's post yesterday, I went downstairs to organize my "deep" freezer and realized - we have an embarrassing quantity of food on hand for two people and one spoiled dog!!

A check of our upstairs pantry and freezer revealed similar results. So, just for fun I sat down last night and made a list of all the meals I could think of that I can make (or make if I pick up just one or two other ingredients along the way) with what we already have. Here's the embarrassing part: I came up with 28 meals just off the top of my head. And that's not even counting all the things that we have enough to make two of. I can tell I really fell off the cooking wagon when this pregnancy came along, because that's a new record of stockpiled food for this household.

So I guess the good news is, we're all set for food for the month! The bad news is that, right about the time we whittle down the current supply, the baby will likely arrive and I'll be wondering what in the world I was thinking to use up such a stash of food just weeks before my due date!!!

Actually, if I can make some room in the freezer, I do plan to go ahead and make several freezer meals to have on hand when baby comes, but still... I did waffle for a few minutes about whether to keep some of this stuff on hand. Then I remembered most of it has already been on hand for quite some time, and doesn't need to sit another three months!

So, we're diving in this week to both freezers and the pantry. After more turkey, dressing and assorted leftovers than I could stand (not being such a huge turkey fan to begin with), we're heading back into territory that has more variety, for which I am endlessly grateful! You guys will recognize some of these as old standbys of mine, but I'm keeping it simple this week since the goal is to get back into cooking most every night. Here's what's up this week:

Tuesday: Tilapia with baby lima beans; whole grain rolls

Wednesday: Pepper Steak, brown rice, wilted spinach

Thursday: Tuna Mac, broccoli

Friday: Leftovers; ice cream and fruit crisp for dessert

Saturday: Apricot Pork Chops, Sweet Potatoes, Salad

Sunday: Steaks, mashed potatoes, sauteed mushrooms, green beans

The only things we need to buy for this menu are mushrooms, spinach and salad for hubby (who won't eat raw spinach). Not too bad for my first week of pantry cleanout!

Happy week! What's for dinner at your house?

Love, Dahrlin'


Angie's Spot said...

Congratulations! Isn't this nesting thing great? Well, it has it's ups and downs. About week 39, I was in panic mode because I didn't have everything done that I wanted. You're amazing!

Now that I've spent an entire day (no kidding) removing all holiday decor, I'm not organizing the stockpile and menu planning for the month. I'm determined to get organized in many aspects this year and so far I'm off to a great start. Flylady rocks!

Angie's Spot said...

BTW, I meants NOW organizing. Freudian slip I guess. LOL!

Angie's Spot said...

Good grief, I can't type this morning. Ok, last comment on this entry...for today. LOL!

Oh, and I have no idea what we're having for dinner yet. Sigh.

Heather said...

Angie, you're cracking me up! I had to look at the second comment three times before I found your mess-up. (Clearly, "meants" should be a word.)

Angela, this is a great idea. But seeing as I just dropped $260 at Kroger this week, maybe I'll use this idea for February :)

Melissa said...

I just emptied out my freezer and now I am in need of restocking!
Sigh.....last night all we had was chicken legs and porkchops. No veggies, nothing. I did make it to the store for a few things, but I desparately need to clip coupons and get back into stockpile mode.

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