Saturday, November 27, 2010

This Little Blog of Mine... in desperate need of an update!

Does it help if I have a good excuse?

You see, I have this new man in my life. And I expect to get to meet him in another 15 weeks or so!

I wanted to at least quickly update the blog to explain my lengthy absence. As some of you already know, we were blessed to become pregnant early this summer. We found out on July 5, and are ecstatic to be expecting our son in mid-March! Initially I had quite a bit of trouble with "all day and night" sickness. Thankfully, my OB is very sympathetic and allows me to take nausea meds as needed starting about 12 weeks, which has helped get me back to work mostly full time. I still have trouble overnight and early morning (especially when I try to stop the meds) but it's much more tolerable than it was. So far, so good! We get another high-res ultrasound of our little guy this coming Thursday, and I can't wait to see how much he's grown since the last scan at 18 weeks!

Managing the challenges of pregnancy and trying to hang on to my job have kept me more than busy the last five months, but I am hoping to get back to blogging at least reasonably often, so I can keep you guys updated on how we're doing!

Meanwhile, I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and fall and is enjoying the holiday season! We're putting out the Christmas decorations here as I write this. More updates, pics and recipes to come!

Love, Dahrlin'
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