Saturday, January 23, 2010

And the winner is...

Thanks to all who participated in this giveaway! I'm planning to host a couple more, so there will be new chances to win around here!

The winner of the copy of French Women For All Seasons, as selected by, was:

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Comment #13 was from Jane at Jumpin' in the Jungle!

Jane, I think I still have your addy but please email it to me just so I'm sure.

Thanks and happy weekend all!

Love, Dahrlin'

Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Shortest Day of the Year!

A Winter's Sunrise...from my back deck.

Happy New Year, All! Be sure to visit Candid Carrie for Foto Finish Fiesta Friday!

Love, Dahrlin'

Monday, January 11, 2010

Who Else Didn't Know...

That you can polish copper with a lemon and some salt?

I was stunned - and glad to know I can do this without harsh and scary-looking chemical concoctions... I love my copper pot, but it was in serious need of a scrubbing. This took all of two minutes. YAY!

For more kitchen tips and a lot of great recipes, check out Tempt My Tummy Tuesday over at Blessed with Grace!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

...And One For You!

Happy New Year!

Writing yesterday's post got me thinking about how much I have truly enjoyed this little book:

You may be familiar with the first book written by this author, called French Women Don't Get Fat. I love that book as well, but really like this one even better. Seasons is a celebration of living seasonally and appreciating everything in its time, from food to styles to flowers and surroundings, such as interior living spaces and the changing landscape. Because I have enjoyed this book so much, I want you guys to have a chance to enjoy it too!

So, I am giving away one copy of this little treasure! I think you'll love it just as much as I have!

The giveaway will run through Friday, January 22. To enter, do any of the following, as often as you like (be sure to leave a separate comment at this post for each, if you would like multiple entries!):

(1) Leave me a comment telling me your favorite meal during the winter season!
(2) Leave a meaningful comment about anything else you want to share!
(3) Post about this giveaway and leave linkback in the comments.
(4) Tweet about this giveaway and post the tweet link here.
(5) Follow my blog and let me know you have done so.

I will select a winner at random from the final number of comments. Good luck!

Love, Dahrlin'

* This giveaway is not reimbursed or sponsored in any way.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Favorite Winter Pleasures!

I love winter. I truly do. When the landscape is frozen over and it seems the sun barely climbs halfway over the horizon each day, that hushed feeling makes me more introspective and quiet. It's my time to (spiritually and emotionally) be "still," and regroup from the frenzy of fall and holiday activity. Physically, because the chill actually energizes me and clears my head, it's my time to reorganize and declutter, being as productive as possible around the interior of my home and trying to get everything cleaned up from those seasons. And I love the season for the reminder that God has ordained a "time for everything." In the words of one of my favorite authors, Mireille Guiliano,

"Most of us really don’t have the choice to sit winter out. The fact is that not every bird gets to fly south. And I confess I wouldn’t want to. I love my morning walks in the winter, breathing the cool, crisp air, and I can’t imagine living in places without much seasonal variation. When the passing of the year doesn’t impress itself upon my senses, I am, in some profound sense, lost."

I've mentioned before that I'm a very seasonally-oriented person. I need the firm impression of the rhythm of each season as time passes. Especially when it comes to food! I love to cook and eat food that is in season, and I've come to realize that the winter versions of things that grown in the Northern Hemisphere, even if they are flown in daily from South America, just don't fit that rhythm (nor is the taste, or lack thereof, worth it to me). So I don't eat a lot of fresh tomatoes in winter, for example. But I do try to work brighter elements of flavor, like lemon, fresh parsley, fennel and citrus zest into a lot of my winter dishes.

That said, while I wholeheartedly embrace winter and all it brings, I do have my little moments of rebellion! Whenever I'm chilly I love things that remind me of warmer months, and I try to work these into my daily routine to keep my mood bright and provide variety. I love scented bath products in general, and as we all need a break from winter-dry skin, I thought I would share a few favorites with you.

By my sink I keep a bar of magnolia-scented soap that I found in a shop in Savannah this summer. It smells exactly like the real thing and has always been a favorite scent of mine. As a kid, I spent hours and probably nearly days playing in a huge magnolia in my Nana's yard.

My friend Ashley introduced me to this product years ago, and I'm almost never without it. I am a HUGE lover of rosemary, both in body products and for use in cooking. A little of this delicious stuff goes a long way and the scent is at once energizing and relaxing!

My dear friend Julie introduced me to this stuff recently, and it's like a quick mini-vacation to the South Seas. Here again, a little goes a long way. The scent reminds me of warm summer nights, and it's great for smoothing winter skin.

Oh - and this find has become my new favorite standby for bubble baths. After workouts especially, this is a great weeknight treat. No matter how frozen it is outside, soaking in a warm bath with coconut-scented bubbles takes me away!

So how about you guys? What's your favorite winter indulgence? Do you have a trick or a favorite product that chases away winter blahs?

Happy weekend! And stay warm!

Love, Dahrlin'

Thursday, January 7, 2010

You May Have Heard...

That I am a Georgia fan. And this is true. Every day of the year, and twice on Sundays!

However, my husband is Alabama born-and-bred. And tonight, that makes this household a very happy place. Because his Alabama Crimson Tide is in the National Championship, baby!

So I will say this - his team accomplished more than mine this year, not that I don't LOVE my team. Because I do. But tonight, I say this:


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Love, Dahrlin'
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