Sunday, December 6, 2009

I Really Need to Learn...

To make it out of Costco with ONLY the items on my list. Instead of "the items on my list, plus enough extra items to singlehandedly restart the US economy. Or at least the southeast."

Anyone else have this problem? Please tell me I'm not alone here.

I've mentioned my love of Costco before. And I truly love it ever more, each time I go. The wealth of items that I find (and the savings I enjoy) more than make it worth the trip, every time. Each time I go, I find another item (or several) that usually costs an arm and a leg at the grocery store, and now I can buy it at Costco. Awesome!

The problem is, they also have everything from electronics (I had to forcibly remove hubby from the television section) to treadmills (we really do need a new one; ours is about 12 years old), to wine (don't get me started)... and the list marches on. It's like Walmart or Target, only much more fun somehow.

We did pretty well yesterday in terms of spending, but as usual, I found several items that I have not yet tried. I'm still learning my way around, so in addition to our list, we came home with a huge bag of frozen organic broccoli florets, as well as a huge bag of frozen cod (my favorite whitefish - yum!) for a price MUCH more reasonable than Publix - compare six fillets for $12 at Costco, vs. $8 for 2 at Publix. And this is wild-caught Alaska fish. Even better!

Hubby found a ginormous bag of mixed fruit for his smoothies in the mornng, and we upgraded our coffee on this trip (apparently, Starbucks allows Costco to private label Starbucks coffee. So yummy!) That was only $10 for 2lbs, so we were delighted to avoid paying $9 for 1 lb at Publix.

I also got a 2 lb block of Pecorino Romano cheese for about $9, a VAST improvement over Publix's price (about the same, for just a few ounces). This is part of what I love about Costco - first, that they have some of the more "specialty" items that I cook with (most of them, actually) - like sundried tomatoes, capers, balsamic vinegar, and Italian cheeses - but secondly, the much better prices. I think I even enjoy the meals we make more, because I know we didn't have to spend a fortune to eat well.

So, the couponing continues...but Costco is helping me immensely with savings on our grocery and food bills!

Love, Dahrlin'


Heather said...

I do love the savings (though we shop at Sam's), but I end up spending a small fortune on other "necessities" like books, CD's, decorations, a new lawnmower...

When what I really needed was a box of Del Monte grapefruit and some Cheerios.

It sure is fun to shop on sample day, though!

Robin's Reports said...

Oh, I'm having to learn the lesson the hard way - with Dave Ramsey. I have only so much cash on me. It's so hard, but if I use coupons and only get the bulk items I *need*, then I got to WalMart for the rest of the smaller items.

One day, I'd love to shop in bulk 100% so I wouldn't have to see in the inside of a WalMart for 2 months. LOL. For now, I'm on a budget.

Tell Daniel that I used BJ's frozen fruit for my smoothies. That way they are very cold. (Bananas are room temp. Juice at frig temp. )

Michelle said...

Yep, I have the same problem :) I loooooove my Costco. Did you get there the Friday after Thanksgiving to get your free cookbook? SO many fun recipes this year!

I will say that I've learned over the years to be more selective in what I purchase. That and with that grocery store price war here, I can actually find some products cheaper elsewhere!

Angie's Spot said...

I so wish we had Costco here instead of Sams. I'm very unimpressed with their selection and I hate that we're giving 1 penny to the Walmart empire. Still holding out hope!

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