Saturday, August 29, 2009

Pixie Pranks

[I know, I KNOW, I keep promising blogs that never appear. That changes this week. And I mean it this time, LOL!)

You can't quite see the depth of the angles in this picture series, but these two chairs* are the kind that a point, anyway, and that point is basically where they exceed their intended reach and fall over, LOL. Munchkin almost learned this the hard way. Her weight is not *quite* enough to overturn the chair, as long as she moves slowly and carefully (which she was). But I just thought this was too funny at the time (probably loses a lot in translation!) - she was balanced so precariously, and quite obviously pleased with herself for managing it. She even stuck her little tongue out while she was trying to get situated.

"Mom thinks I can't do this, but I can. Surely the chair won't actually fall over with me..."

"If I just balance extra carefully and move very slowly..."

"And now if I can get my other two legs up to the top of the pillow, without overbalancing..."

"Ha! I got mad skillz...."

Love, Pixie Puppy

*PS from Pixie: If you look closely, which Mom desperately hopes you won't, you can see the remaining red wine stains on the second chair, from the not once but twice that I have succeeded in sending Daddy's glass of red wine flying through the air with the greatest of ease...


Kristen said...

aww too cute! welcome back to blog land!!

Michelle said...

I was beginning to worry about you. Pixie is such a sweetie -- and so big now! All grown up :)

And you realize that if you just leave the stains on and keep making them, eventually it'll be a nice little art project, right?

Angela said...

Thanks Kristen! It is good to be back!

Michelle - I agree. At this point I have given up on the chair ever regaining its former glory. Now it needs new glory, like only these one-of-a-kind-Oxy-Clean-can't-quite-remove stains! LOL! And I know, Pix is growing up so fast! She was only a little over a year when we got her, and now she's fully grown (and expanding from all the treats we give her, but that's a different story!)

Jane In The Jungle said...

She's so cute! And she has grown up over the summer!!

Angie's Spot said...

Those chairs crack me up. I think I've just about fallen over in them a few times. LOL! I need to take lessons from Pixie on how to properly manage them.

Life, Love And Lola said...

Pixie is adorable!!! About the red wine...Lola knocked my glass over lastnight! They are so worth it though!

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