Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sometimes You Just Gotta...

Go. (No, not like THAT.) Get away. Take a break!

In the last few weeks, we've been doing a lot of traveling. I MISS blogging, so I'm here to catch you guys up on where we've been going and what we've been doing. When friends start to write and say, "are you alive?" I know I have been away too long, LOL!

Normally we aren't this busy, but we recently had several opportunities to travel to fun places for weddings and other fun occasions. Some of these little trips were planned a bit hastily and last-minute for my Type A personality (I need order and organization, apparently. Wait...who's surprised? LOL!) The result was that we traveled out of town three times in five weeks, which was exhausting but super fun!

I already mentioned our jaunt to Miami...catch those details here if you are interested.

A couple weeks later, we took off for Destin, FL. When I was growing up, the family of a friend had a great house in Destin. We used to visit there in high school, but I had not been to Destin since. We really enjoyed this trip - we went for the wedding of hubby's law school roommate and his beautiful bride. The wedding was lovely (sorry I did not get any pics from that!) and was held in Santa Rosa Beach. We stayed just down the road, in Miramar Beach. Hubby found a place that would allow us to bring Miss Pixie, and voila - we were off!

Here is the Travelin' Dawg herself - she was not very excited about having to ride in her crate, but her usual position in Daddy's lap would not really be safe on the interstate!

So we loaded up the family truckster and took off down the road, literally watching this movie on the laptop: (raise your hand if you know this movie - it's one of my all time faves!)

The place we stayed was nice - you'll actually hear more about the hotel in a later post - but for now I'll just say that this was the view from our balcony. The beaches in Destin are world-famous for their crystal-white sand. It is gorgeous and has the consistency of sweet & low. Great for kids and, as you can see here, the water is usually very calm. Perfect for little ones, and we saw a lot of families on the beach.

The water there is also gorgeous - there is a lovely inn/hotel just down the road called Watercolor. And you can see where it gets its name! :-)

We only stayed a couple days - went down on a Saturday for the wedding, and stayed through till Tuesday. We spent most of our time on the beach, but here are a couple other photos - both from our balcony. The first is the view from our balcony as the sun began to set.

And then here's one more of the Munchkin, once again safely restored to her favorite place on Earth - Daddy's lap, from whence she can rule the world, LOL!

That's all the pics I have at the moment, because hubby vehemently forbids me to post any pics of him on this blog (spoilsport). But at least you'll get an idea of the trip!

Hope you enjoyed this visit! You'll see this place again in an upcoming post - stay tuned for next week's edition of Fx4, when we travel back to Destin... with friends in tow!

As always, Fx4 is hosted by Candid Carrie. Head over to Carrie's for more Friday Foto Finish Fun!

Love, Dahrlin'


Michelle said...

Oh what fun trips. I love that you could take Miss Pixie along - was she ok with the beaches (e.g., no sand fleas)? Those pictures are ... gorgeous. I could really use a getaway myself. Soon. Now. *sigh* At least I have BlogHer!

Connordog said...

It was so nice you could take Pixie with you ;) She's such a good girl.

Kori said...

Sounds like great times were had by all. I love quick hastily planned trips.

Candid Carrie said...

Pixie is adorable! Does your husband know that his hand is on your blog ?

I took my first spontaneous trip this year and loved it. I'll have to plan ahead for another one!

Great movie to watch too! Happy Fx4, Carrie ;)

Jane In The Jungle said...

My BFF stays in Miramar every year, whenever she goes to Fl!! Small world!
I'm like you, no quickies, I mean quick trips...let me plan ahead!
We're thinking of takiing Oliver, our 12yr old dog with us this year on vaca....worried about the traveling with him...he will not crate...and walks all over the van!!

Lora said...

Sounds like you're having a great summer, Angela!! Enjoy those trips! Oh--and I just love that last pic of your dog & hubby:)

Angie's Spot said...

I had forgotten how gorgeous the beaches in Destin are! I went there for a Controller's Conference several years ago and now I know that we MUST go back...soon!

Kristen said...

oh it looks so fun! I love that you took Pixie with you!

Live.Love.Eat said...

I have a special spot in my heart for Destin, you know it. I LOVED vacationing there last year. So beautiful. And it just brings back memories of feeling so healthy too, running on the beach and across the resort to the bayside. be there again.

You HAVE been a busy gal. What was your hubs drinking there on the patio? Of course I notice those things?

Robin's Reports said...

I hear ya. I'm so ready for a break and its only been a month since we went to Crystal River.

We're heading to the Keys in 4 days. Woo hoo, I can't wait. I need out of this crazy routine we're in. Running somewhere every single day.... it stinks.

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