Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tagged - Crazy 8!

Wheee!! I love tags. And this is a perfect excuse to sit in the den, having forcefully pried from hubby's fingers ahem...borrowed...hubby's laptop, and blog again. For the first time in what feels like months! Ahhhh!!! I promise, that update is coming. This weekend. But in the meantime, this will let me tune up my blogging skills again!

Trip to Miami for wedding? Awesome.
Trip to Destin for another wedding? Also awesome.
Finally getting back to a routine? And back to blogging? Now that's priceless!!!

So was tagged by Tami at the Millers. Thanks Tami!

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. Dad and Sheri visiting for Father's Day
2. Cooking this weekend
3. Catching up with friends and family - I have been way too out of touch recently!
4. Summertime in the pool!
5. Actually having a tan this year.
6. The Def Leppard concert in August - 8 of us going - yes, really! Including this lovely lady and this BFF, who both steadfastly refuse to let me embarrass myself alone.
7. Getting back into shape.
8. My next pedicure. Yep, it's something I really look forward to!

8 things I did yesterday:

1. Went back to work after a few days of vacation. Yuk!
2. Downloaded a new song that I just love. Check out Revelation Song by Phillips, Craig and Dean.
3. Made spaghetti for dinner. Yummmmmm...
4. Went through a pile of mail. Junk mail, junk catalogs, junk bills... uh...oops!...
5. Continued reading a favorite book that I have loved for years and years, and started re-reading on vacation. I won't tell you what it is just because it's a (shhh!!!) romance novel. How embarrasing. But oh, how I love the story. (And yes, it's really the story that I love, LOL!)
6. Thought, several times, about going to get another Toblerone. Elizabeth now has me hooked on them. Thanks Elizabeth!
7. Caught up on what is going on with this adoption story (the family is family of a friend of a friend of mine...I don't know them personally IRL, but I just love this story). This adoption will reunite 4 siblings on this side of the Atlantic, and it is an amazing story. God is so good! I am praying that these kids come home SOON.
8. Watched Dog the Bounty Hunter. It's our Wednesday Night tradition!

8 things I wish I could do:

1. Drive a stick shift.
2. Read 36 hours a day. Books.piling.up.
3. Get an iPhone.
4. Be more disciplined.
5. Go to Australia. Angie and I are going, we just haven't gotten our trip planned yet!
6. See without contacts.
7. Dance well.
8. Blog more!

8 shows I watch:

Not sure there are 8 these days. Let's see -

1. The Office
2. Grey's Anatomy
3. Private Practice
4. Dog the Bounty Hunter
5. Everyday Italian
6. The Biggest Loser
7. 30 Rock
8. My Name is Earl

8 people tagged:

(1) Angie
(2) Jane
(3) Michelle
(4) Stephanie (Live.Love.Eat)
(5) Stephanie (Reillybug)
(6) Robin
(7) Lora
(8) My new swap partner April!

That's it for tonight. I gotta go to bed. This woman needs sleep.

Love you all!



Connordog said...

Just a correction, there are now TEN of us going to Poison and Def Leppard- Cat and John are coming too :)

Angie's Spot said...

Oh my word, the DL concert isn't going to know what hit them when our motley crew arrives. LOL! I don't think Jake has any idea of what to expect. He can't say that I didn't warn him. (evil laugh)

I'll take on this meme for tomorrow probably. Thanks for the tag!

Knatolee said...

I learned to drive on a manual transmission, and have always had cars with a stickshift. I get bored driving automatic. I just find stick a LOT more fun. You should indulge that wish and take some lessons. I made Gordon learn to drive stick when we bought our first car! :)

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