Thursday, April 16, 2009

The price was right - in fact, it was FREE!

Yep, you guessed it! I'm back with more tales of CVS. I can't help it - these deals keep getting better and better. I keep going in, spending less each time, and coming out with more each time. And I keep thinking, "when are they going to put an end to this racket? How is this possible?"

It really does feel almost like stealing. Even when I know I am following store policies and that I'm legitimately entitled to the deals based on the offers, it's just crazy.

Case in point - this week, they have a number of ECB (extracare buck) deals that are free after ECB's - essentially, you might pay $3.49 for an item, but you'll get back $3.49 in ECB's to use on most anything else in the store, for up to a month after the current purchase. Then, if you have a coupon for the item, you can actually make money on the deal. String enough of these scenarios together, and you can walk out with quite a lot of stuff - plus cash in your pocket. All for free!

This week's haul (totals also include two items from last week's offers, which were both free but are not pictured) featured $55 in merchandise, and it's all absolutely free. Plus, we got back more in ECB's than we spent, so we actually netted a gain on the deal. $3.50 I didn't have before I went in!

Even my husband is starting to find this amazing. He's talking about getting his own card so we can double up on our deals. We'll see if he goes through with it!

Anyway, hope this inspires you to check out the CVS game for yourself! After all, who doesn't enjoy free stuff? Especially stuff you can actually use!

Love, Dahrlin'


Michelle said...

Nicely done... And the stuff you show there? At least some of that we'd use.... I need to find time to get me to a CVS. someday ;)

Angela said...

Yep, run, don't walk! I am always amazed at what we can get. This week looks promising too, and now I have a ton of ECB's piled up so I am looking to have some fun next week!

Angie's Spot said...

That's awesome! I'm heading over there tomorrow to get free laundry detergent. I love this game!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

wow!!! Since I am so busy right now, can you tell me the 1st step to doing this???????????????? Anything else might be too much for my brain. So glad you're getting this kind of savings.

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