Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sausage, Tomato and Bean Ragout (Tempt My Tummy Tuesday)

Happy Tuesday!

We made another long-time favorite recipe recently that I want to share with you. I love this one because it's very healthy and lightens me up a bit, without giving up substance and personality in the recipe (that's what the sausage is for, LOL!) Instead of posting the recipe I will just link you to it (easier to print), but I'll give you my notes below as we've made it a number of times.

This is a great "method" recipe too - meaning you can vary the ingredients as you see fit or based on what you've got on hand. This one is generally Italian in its flavors, but I think you could do chicken (instead of sausage) and fennel (instead of zucchini) and have a lovely French-inspired dish (throw in some herbs de provence for a little added emphasis). It's basically a variation of stew, so there are many possibilities. It's great for you as-is (use organic chicken or turkey sausage to keep it extra healthy) and I love all the colors in it. Plus it's got that "warm and hearty" feeling to take you through chilly spring evenings. I'm not ready to give up my comfort food yet - it's just not that warm here so far.

In terms of the actual recipe provided, I use chicken stock instead of water (but watch the salt; alternate with water to your taste) and I double the garlic (almost always the case when I cook!). And for this one I happened to have diced roasted tomatoes, so that's what I used.

The other note I would add is that this is a great freezer and pantry meal. I keep bulk Italian sausage in the freezer (brown it like hamburger meat), along with chopped kale (this time I had curly red kale, but you can use any kale you prefer). Canned tomatoes and white beans round it out and you can even skip the zucchini (I did this time) if you don't have it handy. Like all stews and soups, it's a great recipe for using up odds and ends, too. I threw in a couple other things I needed to use up - some leftover lima beans and a couple tiny yellow potatoes that were languishing (chop them finely). Our most recent batch came out great and even hubby loves this one! It's quick and easy for a weeknight too.

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Love, Dahrlin'


Samantha said...

This dish sounds and looks so good .I really enjoyed your blog. Thank you for sharing, have a very blessed day !

Lisa@BlessedwithGrace said...

Thanks for the recipe link and all the handy tips!

Brenda said...

Looks great!

Angie's Spot said...

I'm going to have to pass on this one. I'm not a big fan of beans and I have an aversion to sausage since Jake's step-monster food poisoned me several years ago with a nasty lasagna. It still makes my stomach churn just thinking about it. I had a fabulous panko crusted tilapia for dinner tonight that was yummy! I'm not sure why I don't make fish more often. It's so easy and so good!

Michelle said...

Forget the recipe... I love the tray you had there! Very cool! Where did you find that one?

Live.Love.Eat said...

Argh, me hearty!!!! I went to the link in this post and your other one and instead of coming back to you I closed out. I added this one to my bookmarks too. I love that it's hearty and healthy. We had chicken chili with beans last night and will tonight, a nice one dish supper like this one and so healthy and satisfying. Very nice. Thanks for 2 nice dishes.

Angela said...

Thanks Ladies!

It has rained here for four straight days. Enough to make me want to bring out the leftover ragout for something warm and yummy!

Happy weekend!

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