Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday's Savings Roundup

Yep, I'm back to bore y'all with more CVS stories this week! But I can't help it. The deals just keep getting more ridiculous and I still can't believe they let people do this stuff. Even the cashier commented on how well I did. There's just something about seeing things ring up to $40 and then back off to $13. I'm addicted!

This week's haul:

$42.06 before coupons and savings
$13.09 paid out of pocket
Savings: 68%
$8.49 in ECB's remaining
$4 off $20 new coupon received this week

As I've mentioned, I don't "count" my ECB's and new coupons until the visit where I use them. But if I were to count them on this trip, it's like I paid fifty cents for $42 of merchandise!


To see how other Southern Savers friends did this week, check out Jenny's Friday Finals!


Lora said...

You've really been getting some great deals @ CVS lately!! That's so fun!

Robin's Reports said...

You're hilarious. I went to CVS and forgot my card. D'oh! I was hoping to find that $4 off coupon.

Anyhow, our old Winn Dixie is having a Grand ReOpening and I managed to walk out of there with $24 for a loot of food. BOGO free, salad dressings, apples, french bread, olive oil, etc.!! Plus, I used my card. Iceberg was 59c for example. They're running new specials this weekend and I have my list.

You've inspired me.

Angela said...


Try it out sometime! It's actually so much fun it's addictive!


I know, it's pathetic how excited I am about this. But it's fun!

Great job at Winn Dixie though!

Michelle said...

I still haven't made it there, but I'm quite impressed. There's a new one opening up that's on the way to my parents' house, so when it opens, I promise I'll go! :)

Wolf said...

good job!

i too absolutely LOVE seeing my total come down. there is nothing like seeing all the money you are saving on items that in the past you would have paid way too much for.

why did i ever pay $4.00 for a box of cereal when now i can get them for $1 or less?

i love couponing, and i love inspiring others to coupon too!

Angie's Spot said...

You are doing so well!! I went to Toys R Us today to get a bday gift for Ailey and I happened to find Johnson Buddies soaps for $.97 each. I had 3 coupons for $1 off 1 soap. So I actually made $.09. Small but a victory nonetheless!

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