Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's HER Fault!*

So, I know I have been away from blogging when not one, not two, not three, but FOUR of my lovely bloggy friends (as well as assorted friends and family!) start asking if I am alive. It's very nice to be missed, and I can report that we are definitely here. It has just been a little nuts around here. Where in the world did I get the idea that things would slow down after the holidays?

I intended to write individual posts about most of the photos I'm posting today. However, time just would not allow, so you're going to get caught up on what's been going on around here - in a hurry, LOL!! Mostly, it's been life-as-usual with a lot of work (I'm glad to have a job!) and a lot of spring cleaning - we've been working on various household projects that are not very exciting to post about. But, I will post a couple photos of the Great American Closet Cleanup - the "after" photos, at least. Posting the "before" photos would have resulted in an immediate call from my mother, a call from the Goodwill people wanting to know if perhaps we have a few things we could donate, and possibly a call from the National Guard, wanting to know if there were any survivors in there, LOL. So I will just show you a couple "after" photos -

...this was AFTER I cleaned out a zillion things I never wear anymore, AFTER I put away the (way too many) pairs of L.L. Bean flip flops I've collected the last few years, and AFTER I cleaned up every last thing that had been thrown into the closet that didn't belong there (ask me where that stuff is now!**)...

Meanwhile, like most folks, we made some yummy food for the Superbowl, and it seemed like a good excuse time to try a couple Pioneer Woman recipes we've been meaning to try.

*Which brings me to a side note regarding the title of this post. I hereby, officially and formally, blame every single calorie I've consumed in the last five days on PW. I don't think she'll mind, since she's not here to defend herself forever putting incredible-looking food in front of us. I mean, really, we can't be expected to resist eating food like this ALL the time, right?

So, for our Superbowl feast, we made some of this cheesy olive bread (run, run, RUN and make this. NOW, even if you don't like olives... I promise, it's AWESOME...) and we ate almost all of it right off the baking sheet.

Later in the week, because man does not live by bread alone, we tried her recipe for this:

It was every bit as awesome as she promised, and hubby and I agree - it's better than any restaurant guac we've ever found.

Of course, we needed something to go with the guac...besides chips, even though hubby (guy that he is) declared that just fine for dinner (ha!)... so we made some of these - ummmm...yummm... steak quesadillas! This is my recipe, and never fear, I'll post recipes for all this stuff very soon. I just wanted to show you, for now, what we've been up to.

Now, normally I would be concerned that I might not burn off the 4,503,624 calories contained in the food I've eaten this week. But, when I get up and see this:

and this...

and this... (and no, that's not the same picture from a few weeks ago - promise! This one was taken this afternoon) ...

I start to shiver so hard that I'm pretty sure I'm not storing many calories these days.

We've made a few other yummy things - some that I have mentioned and just remembered to take pics of as I have made them recently. This is the Atkins Park Pork Tenderloin that I mention endlessly - a favorite that makes a great freezer kit -

And this is my new favorite - an Appletini - a sour-apple treat that's not too sweet (like many recipes I've had in restaurants)...

Here's the Cod with Lima Beans recipe that you've heard me rave about (a favorite from Giada)...

And then, of course, last but certainly not least, here are a few pics of the Munchkin. She really keeps me on my toes - in just the last 24 hours, she has eaten half of an invitation (sorry JW and Ashley!), Lord-knows-what from the fireplace (I only found the soot marks on her face and some disturbed "rocks" from the gas logs), and a bunch of other things that she snatches out of the yard before I can get to them... but we really do encourage her to chew on her toys - and as long as we're sitting right there with her, she's pretty good about that (see this look of mischief? You'll see that again soon, I'm sure!)

And occasionally I'm able to get a pic of her sitting - mostly - still. She's such a cutie.

So that's a quick sum-up of what's been going on around here. As promised, I will post the recipes to go with very soon. Meanwhile, to make this more of an interactive post - let me know if you can identify this freaky pic - you'll see why it's freaky when I post the "answer" next week!

Happy weekend! For more photo fun head over to Candid Carrie's!

Love, Dahrlin'

**(would you believe it's actually been sorted and put away where it goes? Nah, I didn't think you would...)


Susie said...

That closet looks GREAT!! And yummo on the treats:-)

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Your hired to come and fix my closet. I think I actually gained some weight just lookin at your blog!
Great pictures!

Kelly said...

I heart your closet...I'm so jealous! And also hungry thanks to your pictures!

Angie's Spot said...

Hey! She's back! The food looks yummy as usual. I'm still giving consideration to that bread, but the olives would have to be reduced by an exponential figure. Yuck. And I'm trying to put my finger on that picture. I'm going to guess that it's a footprint out by the pond that collected water and froze over. Am I close?

Missy said...

What cool pictures!!! Happy Fx4!

careysue said...

Wow! You have been busy, your closet is to die for!!

OK, who has a pool like that! It's beautiful frozen and all!

Great blog I will be back!!

Candid Carrie said...

I'll post a comment if you post your address because I am packing my things and moving into your closet!

I am sure my greyhound would love your puppy and my cats could make adorable little homes in your shoe boxes.

Anxiously waiting to hear from you,


Happy Fx4

Robin's Reports said...

Wow you've been busy! The closets look great. So does Pixie!

I love the PW food. I love her guac/pico combo. I've made that before too.

Keep bloggin'!

Ann On and On... said...

Oh, I wish I had a closet like that and yummy meals like I can blame you for my extra lbs. all you food looks so good. What to make first?

My giveaway ends Sunday...check it out if you haven't already. :D

Michelle said...

Oooo, I love that closet. You have so much more "thinking room" in there than mine does. So jealous!

And what? My guac wasn't good enough for you? You had to go make PW? Just because she absolutely and totally rocks and all that good stuff.... ;)

And my guess is that this is a footprint in the dirt/garden outside your house that was made before it got frickin' cold that you didn't notice but that froze and was filled with rain and (white stuff) and then froze in place... and when you saw it, you realized that someone has been prowling around your house and peering in windows -- just to see all the yummy treats you've been making. This person has attempted to steal tastes of said items but to date hasn't been successful. Oh, and I promise that person wasn't me ;)

jen721 said...

That closet looks awesome. I really need to do something like that.

And that cheesy olive bread looks fantastic. A must try!

Angela said...

Susie - thanks so much for stop ping by!

Glenda - LOL - if I ever get this place cleaned up, I will be happy to help at your place!

Kelly - thanks for the kudos! Our closets were here when we came, so I can't take credit, but I do love 'em!

Angie - definitely try the bread. I PROMISE you won't even notice the olives. They really are yummy!

Missy - thanks so much for coming by! And Happy Fx4 to you too!

Carysue - thanks for coming by and come on back any time! And yes, we do definitely count ourselves blessed to have the pool - frozen or not, LOL!

Carrie - I am so glad you stopped by! And you can come on over and live in our closet anytime! LOL!

Robin - the guac is awesome! I will definitely make it again. But I am going to try Michelle's first, to compare! Hugs!

Ann - I will definitely check out the giveaway! And hope you enjoy any food you try! We will continue to blame all calories on PW, LOL!

Michelle - not to worry, I am DEFINITELY trying your guac next! I can't wait to try it too. I have had so much fun eating guacamole every day at lunch this week. Yum!

Jen - thanks for coming by! I need to build some bunks in our closet, as everyone seems to love it so much, LOL! And definitely try the cheesy olive bread!

teachermomof2 said...

I'm glad to see that you are back! I love your closet and am too very jealous!! I'd love the appletini recipe. It looks yummy!

Great pictures!

Lula! said...

Hey there! Thanks for stopping by my "place" today. It's nice to meet you. I know we are going to be great friends because I saw a Georgia flag in one of your pictures...and I'm the biggest UGA fan in the wide world. Seriously.

And now I'm hungry because I just looked at allllllll your recipes and pictures of fabulous food. Darn you!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Holy cow girl. When you post you post! OK, first, amazing job on the closet!!!!! Then, the cheesey olive bread is a must try for me. Did I see a recipe? I will check again. Anyway, you have been busy! Gotta go catch up and read your next one. :)

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