Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Heart Costco

Okay, I know I will hardly be the only one to say this. But let me just say, for the record -

Costco, I love ya!

When I was a teenager, they came out with this great new thing in our town called Sam's Club (y'all know it :-). At the time, we thought that going there was pretty much the coolest thing, as you could get what seemed like a lifetime supply of any of your favorite things - things like cheerios that I used to run out of but maybe, now that we were buying a forty-gallon tub of whatever it was, I would not run out of until my stepmom went to the store next time. Throw in the zillion samples that were always out, and it was like Disneyland for food!

I never joined on my own - instead taking advantage while in college of an office membership my Dad had. Once that petered out, I battled with myself over whether it was silly to spend the money (and drive out of the way) to join a Costco or Sam's here in Atlanta...but that battle has now ended. They won; I can admit it. Actually, in exchange for the many deli pinwheels and plate of deelish-ous carrot cake I ate when they came (so kindly) right to our office the other day, I was more than happy to sell out and become a joiner. They even gave us a deal - which was enough for me - but the crown jewel of my Costco signup day was THIS:

(Have I mentioned how much I HEART Costco?)

This beautiful cookbook has TONS of awesome-looking recipes that I can't wait to try. They'll have to get in line behind all the wonderful recipes I'm collecting from fellow bloggers, but still - they're going on the list! They seem to use few, if any, processed ingredients, and almost all the recipes are easy or at least simpler. Yum!!! I can't wait to dive in there! As you can see I've already been tagging things...on every page, just about! I'm not done tagging yet, but it seemed like I was collecting an obscene number of tags for one cookbook. When I began tagging every page, I decided this will be one I just have to work my way through ;-)

(Help, I need a cooking intervention, LOL!!)

So we went last weekend for our inaugural (hee hee) visit to Costco. And yep, it's still pretty much Disneyland for food. Wait. No, that's Whole Foods. Costco is like Six Flags for food, then. Soooooo much fun!

We came home and compared costs with Publix for most of the items we bought at Costco. Our savings ranged from around 10% on a couple items (like pasta sauce - buy three at a time, but in the same jars as at the grocery, so I expected minimal savings there) to upward of 50% on many items (wahoooooooo!) Like vanilla extract (same stuff as McCormick - I compared ingredients!), hubby's favorite Tabasco (he puts it on freaking everything), laundry detergent, Ziplocs (good thing since I use them for freezer meal kits), etc. etc. I am all about saving $ right now, so I was very excited about that. I think even hubby was surprised.

So, we're now set in terms of most of our paper products and grocery type stuff for a while. And since the frugal freezer plan continues, we're set for food for a while. So look for some fun new recipes as I use up what we've got on hand before we buy more.

Oh - and Costco - don't worry, I'll be back soon!

Love, Dahrlin'


Angie's Spot said...

On the 10th of every month, I'm like a dog hanging out the window as my mom & I make our trip to Sams. If you had told me as a teen that I would look forward to the Sams trip every month, I wouldn't have believed it for a nanosecond. Now, I plan it a week in advance. I'm now trying to get much better about planning meals and such around it. I might need to peruse that cookbook the next time I'm down. Speaking of which, have you checked your calendar yet? :-)

Michelle said...

Ahhh, I love Costco. I wrote a love letter to Costco once , I believe. Does yours have a gas station? Oh, and every Friday after Thanksgiving, Costco gives out free cookbooks. I have all of them for the last several years, but I do NOT have that version. Now I need that one. Dagnabit!

Live.Love.Eat said...

I do love Sam's and Costco but since it's just the 3 of us and there is nothing we eat a lot of I never go. But you are so right, Disneyland for food.

Oh, meant to tell you your little doggie is looking so cute!!!!!!!!!!!

Connordog said...

I just can't justify the Costco thing. We don't have enough room to store the multiples of items that you have to buy. Maybe when we move to east snob, we'll have more room.

Lora said...

Would you believe I've never been to a Costco? I know, it's so sad! I keep hearing how wonderful it is, but I've never lived near one. Maybe one day...:)

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