Monday, January 19, 2009

Menu Plan Monday: Frugal, Week 2

It's our second week of eating frugally from our freezer and pantry!

I'm happy to report that we did pretty well with last week's menu. I ended up eating out for lunch more often than I would have liked, but that was mostly due to cooking things that didn't leave leftovers for whatever reason. Sunday and Monday we ate as planned, and Tuesday I had some "freezer pleaser" black beans with sausage and brown rice. Hubby was traveling a couple of days last week, so I made a burger as planned for Wednesday, and then made a yummy fish entree for myself Thurs and Friday (it, too came from the freezer). It was a new type of fish for me and I will post that recipe here tomorrow!

Meanwhile, on to this week. To recap, the goal around our house for at least three more weeks is to eat the best possible meals we can create from food that is already in the house (read: has been languishing, unloved, in our freezer or pantry for too long!). There will, obviously, be a few repeats along the way (such as burgers, since we have several in the freezer). But I also want to be as creative as possible, because I usually find that we have the ingredients to make a lot more than I think we do.

So here's this week's plan!

Sunday: Asian Pork Tenderloin, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Broccoli

Monday: Whitefish Parmesan, Rosemary Oven Fries, Sauteed Green Beans with Tomatoes

Tuesday: Michelle's Tortilla Stacker, Broccoli

Wednesday: Burgers, Baked Beans, Wilted Spinach

Thursday: Halibut in Artichoke Broth (we did not use this one last week), Baby Limas

Friday: Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Lemony Chard, Herbed Noodles

Saturday: Leftover cleanup!

Hope you enjoy your week! For more menu planning inspiration, head on over to OrgJunkie and check out this week's menus!


Janet said...

Yummy menu!

Lora said...

I'm so glad you posted the link to Michelle's tortilla stacker! I saw that the other day and then couldn't remember where I saw it:) Thanks!

Your menu plan looks great!

Michelle said...

I'm impressed that you can plan out this way. I'm generally much mroe spur of the moment in my cooking....

Definitely let me know what you think of the tortilla stacker (Lora, too!). Tomorrow comes the Spanish Rice accompaniment.

That parm crusted chicken -- you reminded me I need to dig up my recipe for that. YUM!

teachermomof2 said...

Great menu!

Angie's Spot said...

That parmesan crusted chicken sounds yummy! I meant to tell you too that I made Giada's baked mashed potatoes with cheese and breadcrumbs. They were deliciously sinful.

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