Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here...

...and of course, now it's all done for another year! I had an alternate title for this post, but I decided it was too goofy. When even I think something sounds corny, it probably is. :-)

But I wanted to share a few photos and happy scenes from this year's celebrations. We were blessed once again to have my Dad, his wife, and my mother in law visit us, and Pixie had a visitor too (my Dad's dog, Max, tagged along). Borrowing an idea from my friend Stephanie, I'm going to consolidate several themes in one - here are a few of my favorite shots taken over the holidays. We hope one and all had a wonderful holiday season!

We were a little late getting the decorations up this year, but it finally happened. The tree came out well,

I actually decorated the mantel this year with fresh fir branches,

and by Dec. 24 we actually had gifts under the tree, LOL!

Pixie enjoyed all the preparations, and my Dad's wife bought her a really cute Christmas bandana to wear. Here she is, taking revenge on us for dressing her like that, by squashing the couch cushions:

She was also an immense help with wrapping, cheerfully subduing all used wrapping paper tubes.

And in her spare time, she hung and actually watched A Christmas Story, every time the dogs would come on. She cracks me up!

Meanwhile, you know I am all about the food, so we also enjoyed a wonderful dinner incorporating a couple of themes. I won't post all the recipes at this point since it's a little late in the game, but let me know if any sound particularly good and I will certainly share them. I am also sad to report that I did not take many pics of our food, because I was scrambling around like a crazy person trying to get everything ready at once :-) But at least you'll get the idea!

Hubby insisted on turkey and dressing with gravy, along with his Mom's broccoli cheese casserole, since that is his all time favorite meal. She also makes a VERY good coconut cake (from scratch with fresh, real coconut, no less) that is to die for. But I (and some others in our party) was a little tired of turkey, as I'm not a huge fan anyway, and we ate it for a week after Thanksgiving (blame the 20# bird hubby insisted we needed!) So along with hub's favorites, we had beef tenderloin with mushroom gravy, a green salad with citrus vinaigrette and pomegranate kernels, my favorite garlic mashed potatoes, and rosemary sourdough garlic bread. And a pan of Marshall's biscuits, which I could have cheerfully eaten all in one sitting.

For dessert, in addition to my MIL's cake, I made my favorite Christmas food tradition, Derby Pie. I did manage to get a photo of that for you, but as you'll see I did not quite get to it before the I the savages our guests descended upon it. But at least you can see what the middle looks like. Try it warm, with a little vanilla ice cream. Sooo yummy!

Our meal was a hit, and we went on to open gifts. After that was accomplished, we all sat around too stuffed to move, and watched the dogs play. Max and Pixie are just the right size to play well with each other, and since after two and a half years in this house we still do not have a coffee table in the living room, they have plenty of room to run.

By the time we had watched "A Christmas Story" for the 800th time that day on TBS, all the food had been demolished, all gifts gleefully exchanged, and the puppers were tired out and had retired to their respective corners. A wonderful Christmas was had by all around here - hope you enjoyed the photos, and a Happy New Year to each one reading this!

Oh, and I almost forgot, I do have a recipe for you in this post. Not so much a recipe actually, as a method - but for all those people who think they hate eggnog (or who love it and just want another excuse to drink it), try this one. My grandmother has always made eggnog this way, and it's the only way I enjoy it (if you've been reading my recipes long, you'll know it's because I love the cream and ice cream...not so much on the eggnog). But anyway, pour a little eggnog into a cup. Add a touch of bourbon if you wish. Then stuff the cup full of melon-ball size scoops of real whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Top with a sprinkle of nutmeg. Mmmmmm...Cheers!!

Love, Dahrlin'


Suzann @ Lavender and Roses said...

You have a lovely home and I loved your photos. I am on the search for the perfect yellow/gold and the perfect green for painting in my home. YOU have both colors in your home, so I must ask if you could please share the brand and color name of your colors (hopefully you remember).
Thank you and Happy New Year!

Lora said...

Your home is so pretty--I especially love your fireplace! It sounds like y'all had a great Christmas.

We have not moved yet and it looks like we may be staying put for a while yet. This seems to be where God wants us right now. I'll probably blog more about that soon, too. Thanks for asking!

Michelle said...

Aww, so glad everyone had fun. I love the picture of the dogs playing together. And subduing the wrapping paper ;)

I, too, was long ago sick of turkey... especially since I *gasp* don't really like it :) I so wish we'd had ham, but .. t'wasn't to be. Beautiful tablescape, too!

teachermomof2 said...

Your home is beautiful! I also love your fireplace.

Your pie looks great too!

I'd love to know your paint colors too!


Live.Love.Eat said...

Everything looked awesome, the tree, the table setting! Pixie is such a cutie. Your derby pie and eggnog look sinfully delicious too! We had some Spanish eggnog this year, made by a friend's father.

Angela said...

Hi Suzann - thanks so much! I found one of the colors for you and posted it on your comments. I am still looking for the other, but I found the general color palette the colors came from, so hopefully that will help some!

Lora, thanks so much! I am glad you guys can relax a little on the moving, but I know it can be stressful to feel unsettled. I'll keep you in my prayers!

Michelle - yep, the dogs are too funny. They chase each other all over the house and Pix howls at Max whenever he gets hold of one of her toys. It's a riot!

Thanks for the compliments on the table too!

Hi Lisa! I will post the paint colors on your blog too just in case you don't see them here. So glad everyone likes them!

And Steph - I am on the way over to the blog to see what the Spanish eggnog was all about - that sounds yummy!!

Hugs and happy new year to all!

Angie's Spot said...

Ok seriously, how can I be THIS far behind?! I'm glad you guys had a great holiday! One of these years, I want to actually see the house decorated because I'm sure it's gorgeous. :-) And your eggnog recipe sounds right up my alley!

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