Sunday, February 17, 2008

Random updates

It's been a busy few weeks, and I just realized that it's been about a month since I've posted. My knitting audience (all three of you) are probably wondering if Lizzie is completely off track and the answer is no, not completely. Just mostly!

The knitting of Lizzie blocks was temporarily suspended while I use January, February and (if it comes to that) March to get caught up on some much-needed household projects. It's also the time of year I usually begin spring cleaning (ugh...just the thought sends me running to Flylady in a panic!) So far, I'm doing pretty well - almost completely caught up on my second job that I do from home (medical insurance billing), making progress on spring cleaning projects and my office is (amazingly) looking more organized. Notice I said more, which is a relative term!

The other project (to which knitting has had to take a temporary backseat) is my wedding scrapbook. Yes, that would be the same wedding that occured, oh, about six and a half years ago, but who's counting!? It's almost done. I began it in 2003 if that counts for anything. Not sure if that is actually a good sign or a bad one! I've finally gotten into more of a rhythm with it and it's going pretty smoothly now, whenever I have a block of time to work on it. I've got one of my best friends coming to town for a weekend-long scrapfest next weekend, and I got about 10 pages done this weekend, so that's finally cruising along. I've got to get some photos reprinted this week, but hopefully, I will finish it (or come very close) next weekend. The self-imposed deadline for that project is end of March, just because I am SO ready to get that book done and get all the associated scrapping paraphernalia put aside. It's tons of fun to relive the occasion, but scrapping the same theme for years gets old after a while. Then, I will begin scrapping trips we took almost as long ago, but there again, who's counting besides me? LOL

This week is also The Week Where I Start Eating Right And Exercising (Again). (Here, I began to elaborate on this topic and then decided to spare you all. Either you're like me, and this is a promise you've made too many times to count, and you understand perfectly, or you're one of those people who's got it all figured out, and you would only be bored by the story :-)

What else is going on with us... we're thinking about putting in a swimming pool, which is very exciting. We're finally getting some rain here in the South and we would be allowed to fill the thing. The only issue so far is that what we want to do is more (in the ever-so-kind words of a salesman we met with) "Cadillac," when our budget is more "Honda." Hmmm. That salesman seems pretty sure you can't buy a Cadillac for a Honda price, but then he doesn't know he's dealing with two lawyers who negotiate contracts for a living... hee hee. But I digress... We're looking at our options. In all honesty, it may be outside of this year's budget capability, but I'm still holding out hope!

I've spent a lot of this weekend nursing hubby, who came home sick on Friday. Poor guys is pretty miserable, and just about everyone I know has had something recently. The rest of you STAY WELL! I'm going to pray I don't get what hubby's had, as I absolutely can't afford it this week...

I have a few new pics to post soon, but in the meantime, everyone stay healthy and have a great - and blessed - week!
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