Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Surfacing...with just a quick update!

Okay, so I SERIOUSLY did not mean to let another two weeks go by between blog posts. It's just been crazy and busy and... well, I know you all understand!

So just a brief update from here. I miss y'all!!! I really appreciate each one of you that follows this blog and keeps up with these ramblings. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. Speaking of, ours was wonderful, with lots of friends and family visiting and (of course) a tremendous amount of food. I hope to have some pics up soon and - not to worry - holiday recipes coming soon!! (I really truly will post a recipe. Really! LOL! I know I keep saying that...)

Meanwhile, it's just been a crazy-busy few weeks, with going back to work after my neck injury. So far, so good. It's hanging in there in "more or less stable" condition for the moment. Right now, I'm just trying to get through the holidays, and then I will go see a chiropractor in case they can help. I just didn't want to do anything to make it worse in the meantime, as I've got all I can handle right now :-)

In other news, of course we got Miss Pixie. She is doing GREAT and is such a love. Look for more Pixie Pics coming soon, but for now I will just say I am already TOTALLY in love with this dog. She is such a sweetie - she loves to play, but mostly just wants to be with us. She snuggles under the covers with us in the mornings, snuggles with us while we watch TV, and generally follows us everywhere. We've been walking her every evening, which is great for my weight and fitness but not so great for my blogging schedule, LOL! But she is just too adorable. And we all need the energy outlet and exercise.

Also meanwhile, it's been kind of crazy at work. I think these last few weeks have been about the busiest I can remember at this job, and this week was especially crazy. I need a vacation, LOL! (Thanksgiving doesn't count - it was fun, but not a vacation!)

So on a totally random note, I am watching Dog the Bounty Hunter while I type this. Does anyone else watch this show? I just love the whole family. I am totally and completely hooked. And I am a huge fan of Leland. Haven't seen it? Check him out. Angie, you really need to put him in next week's MMEC. He's totally worthy. Promise!!

We're also trying to get into the Christmas decorating spirit. And gift buying and holiday planning and tree purchasing and... oh sheesh. I should just 'fess up now - I have done nothing in terms of Christmas preparations except listen to Christmas music this last week. I've GOT to get it in gear, as Thanksgiving came late this year. So naturally I'm more behind than ever!

I'm just realizing how totally random and rambling this post is - so I will take pity on those still reading and head on out to walk Miss Pix. But I really will be back - this week! - with a couple of recipes for you. They are family holiday favorites and I hope you'll love them as much as we do!

Love and hugs and happy rest of the week!

Love Dahrlin'


Michelle said...

Ooo you had a lot to get out in a little time, didn't you? Glad you're still stable, and I can't wait to see the pics of Miss Pixie. I'm so glad that she's working out for you!

Good luck getting Christmas together!

Angela said...

LOL yep, I realized after I posted it that it probably sounded as rushed as I felt. Not rushed to post, just rushed to say all that I had to say in one post. I need to remember that I don't have to do that (put everything in one post) but lately it's very hit or miss with the laptop wireless reception, so when I get a signal I write as fast as I can! :-) Hope you are having a great week!

Katherine said...

Pixie Pics!
:-) Katherine

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hey girl. Good to hear from you on this end as well. So glad you're loving your new family member. I hope at one point to get another little furry one. Glad to hear you're feeling well but I think I caught what you have :) Today is the 2nd time in a week that I am having neck issues. I am hoping it's nothing and just moved wrong. Home today from work milking it :) Talk soon!!!!

Robin's Reports said...

Hey girlie!!

Missed your posts but glad to see the Pixie is settling well into your heart and life is good other than decorations not up. My house is the same way. AND I have company coming tomorrow. My decorations will not be up in time for them to get here.

Take care and blog when Pixie allows you to. :o)

Angie's Spot said...

Glad things are still well! And yes, I'm very familiar with Leland and have been admiring him for quite some time. Thanks for the reminder! And if it makes you feel any better, I haven't done a darn thing in terms of decorating, card distribution or anything else. But, we've been listening to a LOT of Christmas music around here! :-)

Rick said...

I've watched Dog very little. I can't get past his looks. There is a show about a family of repo. people. More craziness. I forget the name of the show.

Angela said...

Katherine - Pixie Pics coming soon - never fear!

Steph - I hope we can BOTH get these neck problems resolved. I now have a whole new understanding of the origins of the phrase "pain in the neck." LOL

Robin - we still have no decorations up. I will get that changed this weekend, at least to some extent, but yeah, right now I'm just celebrating Christmas in my heart and mind. I've got to get more outward expressions going here, LOL!

Angie - next year, let's form a pact. We will really mean it (this time). We will start Christmas preparations in JULY. NO MATTER WHAT, LOL! Even if it's 96 degrees and feels nothing like Christmas. We can sit by the pool and plan. And we'll really manage to do it. THis time. Seriously! :-)

Rick - hi and welcome! Don't think I've seen you here before. And yeah, the Chapman family (Dog's family) are pretty colorful, but they seem genuine and I get such a kick out of watching. I seem helpless to stop, LOL!

teachermomof2 said...

It's good to see your post! You did have a lot to share! :0) I'm starting decorating today and I am behind too. Life happens. What can I say?! lol

Enjoy Pixie!


Angela said...

Thanks Lisa! Hope you guys are having a wonderful holiday season!

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