Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

So it's been a very busy week so far, and we've had family visiting since Saturday. More family arrives this weekend for a long-weekend visit. I haven't had much time to blog (or read your blogs, and I apologize for being so out of touch!) But as I am finishing up lunch today, I have been working on a list of things I want to accomplish this fall.

Now, I'm not much for making lists of goals or resolutions. Typically that's because then I tend to rebel against them like they're just so many more tasks I've set for myself (ironically, I love making lists of other things, as long as they aren't things I Should Be Doing). But here I'm going to share a few minor goals with you guys, so you can help keep me accountable (because you needed something else to keep up with, right? LOL!) Nah, just knowing I told you will help keep me on track. But if you think about it, don't hesitate to remind me and ask how this list is going, okay?!? I'll try to update as I go, to encourage myself with progress notes. :-)

Borrowing from my friend Angie's Thursday Thirteen feature, here are thirteen things I hope to accomplish by Dec. 1:

(1) To borrow a phrase from Helen Fielding's character Bridget Jones, "obviously we'll lose ____ pounds." In my case, this would be so that I have some hope of getting into my clothes from last year, which I currently cannot wear.

(2) Continue with my Lizard Ridge Afghan project, and complete at least 6 new blocks for that.

(3) Try 12 new recipes. Trying them won't be the problem; narrowing the list of possibilities to 12 will be the trick. Oh, who am I kidding? I'm sure I won't be able to keep it to 12! But let's make the goal "blog about 12 new recipes I've tried." Now, THAT's one I might be able to do :-)

(4) Get a real, honest-to-goodness, Flylady-approved Master Holiday Plan and Menu in place. Every year I say I am going to do this. And every year, I somehow end up more frazzled and farther behind than the year before. This year I Really Mean It.

(5) Finish my wedding scrapbook. It currently lacks about 10 pages. And if I can figure out how to scan square pages, I'll post a few of them here to share with you.

(6) Complete the Memory Lane Meme that I began a few weeks ago.

(7) Finish reading the New Testament and complete my study of the book of Acts. Don't ask why I started with Acts. I have no idea, but I enjoyed reading it and look forward to digging deeper into it. It's very motivating from a Christian perspective.

(8) Complete at least three of the new books on my list of books to read. The current pile of books overflowing shelf list is about a mile long, so I just want to work on narrowing it down to three choices for fall. I may post a few here to see if you've read them and get your thoughts.

(9) Organize the 1000+ photos that have piled up since we got our digital camera last Christmas. This includes deleting all photos I am not crazy about, those that are blurry and at least some of the approximately 800 photos of Tucker sleeping. I can't help it; she's so cute when she's quiet and sleepy!

(10) Organize my favorite "go to" recipes into a Tastebook. Have you seen this? It's the super-coolest-thing I've seen in a long time!

(11) Complete all Christmas shopping and write/mail all Christmas cards.

(12) Finish unpacking all boxes in the basement from our move in May 2006, decluttering and tossing anything that needs to go.


(13) {AHEM} complete the 100 pushup challenge by being able, without cheating, to actually DO 100 pushups. Real ones.

So that's it! A by-no-means complete, but jumping-off point for stuff I want to get done this fall.

How about y'all? What projects are lurking in your home that you want to complete?

Love, Dahrlin'


Angie's Spot said...

Wow, this is a great list! I just might have to steal this idea for my post later today. I'm seriously going to help you with getting the wedding album done when I come down in a few weeks and I'll be helping with the declutter by taking all those books off your hands for McKay's. What are BFF's for?!?! :-)

Connordog said...

I just want to make it through rehearsals for this play. That and sleep are on my list of TO DO right now. WAYYYY up at the top.

Michelle said...

Wow, good list! And seriously, all your cards out and mailed by Dec 1? That's ambitious! I usually aim for the 20th :) Of December, of course.

And please, do share this Tastebook that you mention. I've never heard of it.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Great list gURLfriend! You got me thinking now what I need to do. I did start on all the photos weeks ago. I only have to go back to the beginning of this year with my husband to pick a handful out from each month so we can get them printed. I upload them to Kodak and then pay 15 cents each & pick them up at the store by me. I am preparing for my son's bday next month so after that I will hone in on what needs to be done for the holidays!

Robin's Reports said...

Love the list. I don't have enough time to make a list but I'll just ditto you.

Do like Fly Lady says, start w/ 15 min here and 15 min there.

I start on my xmas cards in Sept or Oct so they are actually done by Dec 1st. Use the printer & labels.

Angela said...

Angie - Please do make sure I get that blasted album done. I'm SO ready to complete my very first scrapbook! (and get rid of all the "wedding" theme scrapping stuff, since my wedding was 7 years ago) Hmmm.. may scrap some today, in fact! And I can't wait to see those books go. I will owe you big time! Love and hugs!

Steph - GET SOME SLEEP. You're scaring me with your note about the driving and falling asleep!

Michelle - In past years I have (occasionally) managed to get cards done by Christmas. The 1st of Dec is a ridiculously ambitious goal,LOL! but I'm gonna try for it!

I just realized that I never added links to this post. Sheesh! I will have to go back and edit it. Sorry about that! I posted the tastebook link for you in a comment on your site.

Stephanie - thanks so much! Sounds like you've got your photos well under control. I'm trying to do better and not keep every single one I take, but it's a process. Pretty soon here I'm going to have to erase our camera's memory card to clear the way for new photos. I keep putting it off, LOL!

And Robin, I can never thank you enough for introducing me to Flylady. I'm not perfect with it, but just having the ideas in place the last few years has really helped a LOT around here. I plan to keep it up!

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