Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Thirteen: Things I Love About Fall

Following in the footsteps of my fearless leader, whom I introduced to blogging but who has already far surpassed my knowledge of the same, I am posting my first "Thursday Thirteen". I love this idea!

So today's topic is my very favorite season. Whether you call it autumn, or fall, or (around here) just "football season," it's my very favorite season of the year. I love so many things about it! Here are a few:

(1) Okay, let's go ahead and get this one out there. Who am I kidding? FOOD!!! Fall brings a welcome break in the suffocating Georgia summer heat and humidity, and with the cooler temperatures comes a return to the dishes I adore. The comfort food, pastas, hot sandwiches, creamy soups and casseroles that warm up cool fall evenings. Stay tuned, because some of my very favorite recipe offerings are things I only prepare during cooler weather!

(2) And since I've already mentioned it, cooler weather is also at the top of my list. I detest hot weather, and my idea of comfortably warm is 73 or below, so I welcome fall breezes with open arms (and open windows). I love that first day where the air is crispy and the sky is crystal blue and endless. I can't wait!

(3) What's fall without the beautiful colors of the world around us? For these few months of the year, I love watching God paint the landscape with gorgeous reds, golds, oranges and browns. I even pull my food and home decorating cues from these colors, as I love anything that reminds me of the season at hand. I need that rhythm throughout the year - I don't think I would thrive somewhere without noticeably changing seasons.

(4) Of course, in this house football is a huge factor. We sometimes get very little else accomplished during the fall (except food, because I've got my priorities in order on that score! :-) We all love to watch the games, and my husband and father usually bet a lot of them (which is very amusing to watch, as well!). Go DAWGS!

(5) I also love that during the fall, we usually see almost all of our friends at some point. We typically have people over to watch the games (or go to them), or get together somewhere to eat and watch. But we will often end up seeing some folks that we maybe did not see all summer, which is awesome.

(6) Family - like our friends, we typically get a chance to see each family member at least once during the fall. Fall, and Christmas, are very special times for us.

(7) I also sleep better when it's cool, so as everything cools down I start to sleep like a champ. I love the extra rest that I get in the fall, when it's not so hard to talk myself into going to bed earlier! Hubby and I keep our house as cool as we can, so we joke that we are going into hibernation.

(8) Planning for the holidays - Fall is my favorite season, but Christmas is my all-time favorite holiday/time of year. I'm a Type A organizing freak one of those people who loves the planning, preparation and organization phase of things almost as much as the actual event, so I get a tremendous kick out of planning our holiday meals, gifts for others, decorations, etc. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so I usually drive myself crazy with it, but it's just part of who I am, LOL! If I had a nickel for every list I've ever made...

(9) Walking outside again - see dislike of heat, above - I love to walk around our neighborhood, but just can't do it in the summer heat. It's oppressive here. So I love being able to get out and walk the hills around our home.

(10) A return to routine - as the kids go back to school (everyone else's, that is!) and the lazy days of summer come to an end, I'm usually actually glad to get back into a good routine. Something about summer entices me to just ignore whatever I should be doing and play. Especially this year, with the pool. But the ensuing chaos of ignored responsibilities is starting to get to me, so I'll be glad to get back into a bit of a rhythm soon!

(11) Hot things - I miss lots of "hot stuff" during the summer. I miss hot chocolate, hot toddies, hot food (LOL!), hot baths, our fireplace, etc. I love the first cold, rainy day where I can have a fire in the fireplace without roasting us out of the den.

(12) More time for hobbies - I'm looking forward to finishing my wedding scrapbook, making more progress on my knitting project, and getting back into a good workout routine. Hmmm. Maybe if I work out enough, I can also fit back into my cold weather clothes, LOL!

(13) "Fall" cleaning - it sounds odd, but I really reserve most of my so-called deep or "spring" cleaning for fall. In the spring, the early appearance of pollen here makes it impossible for me to open windows when I'm cleaning. But in the fall, I don't have that problem and I can open the windows and screen doors and let the breeze blow through while I clean. And the cooler weather actually gives me energy. Or maybe it's just that the heat stops sapping it!

Anyway, hope you all are looking forward to fall as much as I am!!

Love, Dahrlin'


Lyn said...

Just a fellow SITS girl stopping by to say "hi"

I love the fall's smell and of course Halloween and harvest time in local farm shops with apples etc.

great post!

Michelle said...

Ooooo, I love fall. And football. And yep, Halloween. And the cooler weather (although we have all doors and windows open now to cool down the house as it's a lovely mid-60s right now with low humidity). You might want to consider moving to Chicago ;)

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oooooh, I loved this post. I was already getting excited about the Fall because I am just over the Florida heat this year, & now this made me even more excited!!! I also look forwward to being able to outside & also planning for the holidays. The cool air when I first step out of the house in the morning is simply invigorating!!!!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oooooh, I loved this post. I was already getting excited about the Fall because I am just over the Florida heat this year, & now this made me even more excited!!! I also look forwward to being able to outside & also planning for the holidays. The cool air when I first step out of the house in the morning is simply invigorating!!!!!

Angie's Spot said...

Well, you KNOW I'm with you on this one. Great list!

I walked outside yesterday and caught a breeze and took in a deep breath. I can smell Fall on the horizon. I can't wait for it's arrival!

And we need to add "going to the pumpkin patch" to your list. You guys will have to join us on our annual pilgrimage this year. The place is outside Dahlonega and WAY COOL! I'll let you know when we're planning to go. :-)

Bobbi said...

Great post! I'm a fall girl myself!

Robin's Reports said...

I love the fall too. I love the heat most the time but once I've had months and months of it, plus a couple hurricanes under my belt, I'm ready for Fall!!!! (Alert: hurricane on Tues)

I love fall for those same reasons. Do me a big favor, please? Send me your GA bulldog flair button. I can't seem to locate one on my own merit. I'm really a bulldog alumni, not a gator (although I love Tim Tebow).

Angela said...

Sounds like we all love this upcoming time of year!

Lyn - yep, I also love the smell of fall, and all the varieties of apples. Honeycrisp is my new favorite.

Michelle - I will have to admit it's been very nice here the last couple weeks. We had a cold front come through (brining it all the way down into the 80's, LOL!)

Stephanie - I agree - fall is just invigorating all the way around. I love the transition to cool weather.

Angie - oh, we will DEFINITELY go with you guys! That sounds like fun - just let me know when!

Bobbi - I think all of us southerners love fall, if only to get away from the heat, LOL!

And Robin - I sent you the flair. Display it proudly, LOL! I know you're definitely not a Gator!

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