Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tag! Seven Things About Me

My new friend Stephanie at Live.Love.Eat has tagged me, so you guys are getting to read a lot about me lately, LOL! If you get tired of reading about me, run over to Stephanie's blog and enjoy browsing her wonderful food (or just admiring her awesome Italian "pasta" dishes! I'm super jealous!)

So let's see if I can come up with some fun new things to share with y'all:

(1) Like Stephanie and Angie, I cry often. Not necessarily because of something bad in my own life, but usually from something I've seen or heard that breaks my heart. I'm very empathic, actually feeling the emotions and heartbreak of the person (yes, OR fictional character, LOL!) in question. This leads me to cry often, whether from a real-life circumstance, book, movie, etc. But it's not always about bad things. I'm just emotional in general. If I'm happy, I'm really happy, etc. and I can cry even at happy events. My long-suffering husband is used to it, but God bless him, if it's about something real he usually cries with me. He's so sweet that way. And when he does, I know he really cares and knows how I feel.

(2) I love Christian rock music, and over the last year or two I've gotten to where I listen to that most often. I never realized how many awesome groups there are out there - some of my new favorites are Casting Crowns, Third Day (shout out for the boys from Atlanta!), Nicole Nordeman, Phillips, Craig and Dean, the Newsboys, Kutless, Chris Tomlin and old favorites like Michael W. Smith and Steven Curtis Chapman. This kind of music reminds me of my faith and always improves my day/mood/energy level.

(3) I started running again this week (for exercise). It's not that exciting, but I'm telling all of you so I'll feel accountable about it. I'm back into my pushups and will run and do those today. So feel free to ask me how the working out is going, which will keep me honest, LOL!

(4) I love to be in the water. I grew up as a river rat and I've never lost that love, even though for years I went whole summers without going near water (work/real life, etc. LOL!) Since we put in the pool, I have rediscovered that love. Now I don't know how I stayed away all those long, hot summers!

(5) I'm a Flybaby in Training. Robin gets the credit for introducing me to this wonderful woman several years ago. Flylady's teachings are gradually (over a period of years) sinking in. Click here if you don't know who she is - you'll love her!

(6) My favorite breed of dog is the Rottweiler. My heart dog, Sinjun, left us several years ago, but she taught me so much while she was here. I love these dogs for many reasons, but I especially love their sturdy, powerful build, their wise faces, and their sweet smiles.

We miss you, beautiful girl!

(And there's that crying thing I was telling you about!)

(7) Back to less emotional thoughts - I have a love of mineralogy and gemology. I am fascinated by the process of turning gem rough into finished stones, but I love rocks of all kinds. Almost minored in this in college, but got lost in the level of chemistry required to minor. Not an advanced chemistry fan! Nevertheless, I've taken some courses from GIA and really love the subject.

And there ya have it! Hope you enjoyed reading! (And if you're reading this, you're tagged!)

Love, Dahrlin'


Michelle said...

Hey Angela, congrats on the starting running. Out of curiosity, how do you do it? Do you just go out and run as far or long as you can or do you have a program you use, etc? (I'm doing the C25K program and have been for awhile but have TOTALLY fallen off the last five weeks or so with everything going on with the summer and I NEED to get back on track. Soon)

And as much as I know who Flylady is, she scares me. I've got enough on my plate already and am not quite ready to start on that kind of a program. One day, but definitely not yet.

The gem thing is cool. The most I know is what pretty gems I like and how sparkly they are. Sad, I know. But way cool for you!

Angie's Spot said...

What's with us and this crying thing? I wept today with a friend who had a friend who passed away this week. I didn't even know the woman and I was wailing! So emotional. And I think that's so sweet that hubby cries with you sometimes. What a guy!

I'm starting that couch to 5k program this week. I've got to get back into the gym. This weight thing is for the birds.

I'm trying to get back on the flylady program. She's such a mentor. I need to get past my own insecurities about letting myself down before I can succeed on her program. I'm working on it!

And loved the pic of Sinjun. Made me get emotional about my girls. Kota will be gone 1 yr tomorrow. Sniffle.

Live.Love.Eat said...

It's nice to read more things about ya. I love the Christian music as well, so we recently fell in love with Toby Mac. Check 'em out if you haven't already.

Angela said...

Thanks Michelle and Angie! I actually run indoors on our treadmill, because I have issues with the arches in my feet and joints that don't like running on pavement. I hope to get in good enough shape, though (including joints) to run some of the hills around here by this winter.

On Flylady, just take it one bite at a time. I don't do much of her routine type stuff, I just apply some of her principles. But ever so slowly, I am gaining ground on the organization of this place!

And yeah, I do love rocks and gems. Found two really cool rock specimens in the backyard (from the pool project). Hubby thinks I am crazy for bringing them in the house, but they're beautiful!

Stephanie - I will definitely check out Toby Mac! Thanks for the recommendation!

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