Sunday, August 3, 2008

So who did their pushups?

I just realized I didn't hear from any of our participants on the pushup challenge this weekend! Good morning ladies! How did Day 2 of week 2 go? Report back here or at the original Week 2 post. That's also where we'll report for tomorrow (Monday). I did mine yesterday, instead of Friday, because I was still fairly sore and wanted to heal completely first. I actually increased my reps on the last three sets (from Wednesday's figures). So I was pretty happy with that. We'll do Monday's sets and then I think we re-test on Wednesday to see how we should train
the next two weeks. Don't give up!

(PS To answer Michelle's question in an unrelated recent comment, my B-day is March 23. I share it with my grandmother :-)

Love, Dahrlin'


Angie said...

I was good! I'll go over to the other post and report. I'm behind on everything this weekend...including commenting. LOL!

Michelle said...

I was going to ask about the day 2 pushups! And yes, your site was affected, as was about 80% of the other sites I tried to read on Friday. Which meant I got to go to bed earlier!

And thank GOD we don't share a birthday. I feel a bit better now... not even the same month or season or date or sign or anything! Phew!

Bobbi said...

I did my sit-ups! I'm hoping to start with pushups later this month!

I had trouble with your site this weekend, too.

Michelle said...

I forgot to post (and YAY to Angie for 20 pushups on the last open exhaust yourself set!), but I did my pushups last night. After yoga, which was REALLY upper body intense last night. Dumb me, but I did them... and mildly sore today (although spending some time at the pool with the wee ones helped!).

jmk said...

So, yeah. Still doing the push ups. I was ready to pack it in today. Blech. I started to make an excuse that since I am in a no lifting phase of training (due to 100 miler coming up) that this was like lifting so I should bail. I did the !%#$% Day 1, Week 3 though.

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