Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pushups Update!

Hi Gang!

Okay, first off, I apologize BIG time for going MIA on the pushups challenge. We had company again this weekend and I'm sure my best friend won't mind if I blame an entire week of missed workouts on her one day visit you understand! LOL! Then it was the Olympics. I am addicted to gymnastics, so I have been glued to the TV the last few days.

I am back on track today. Hope you are all doing better than I am, LOL! I did some cardio this evening and "re-tested" today, and I'm improving, but slowly. So I'll be starting off what I believe is now week 3, from that point.

I am also looking forward to doing some actual blogging again soon. Lately it's just been absolutely nuts at work and we've been a bit out of routine at home. But I should have my head above water again here soon! (Let's hope!)

Let me know how your workouts are going. And look for a new yummy recipe in the next day or two!

Love, Dahrlin'


Michelle said...

I've actually been doing my pushups while watching the Olympics(Alexandar just finished his bar routine). It actually works out well. They take so much time between events that I can do a set of pushups, watch while they do an event then do more pushups, etc!

And am I the only one who is making herself motion sick by watching the carpet fibers as I go up and down while doing my pushups? I actually had to stop mid pushup routine to regroup last night!

Angie's Spot said...

Ok, so blame me for getting off track. :-) After doing my re-test (while visiting you on Saturday), I've completely fallen off the wagon. So, who can I blame? Hubby? Good choice! He totally quit doing this with me, so I'll blame him. I'll get back on track today.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hey there. Wow, everyone including my hubs is addicted to the Olympics this year! Got your msg - the chicken says broiled but that's really at the end only. It's baked most of the way, broiling is just to crisp up so don't be scared :)

Angela said...

Good job Michelle! And yeah, I have to just not focus on anything. Otherwise I do make myself dizzy. Try closing your eyes or just letting them drop focus.

Angie - Hop back on the wagon, baby! I'm right there with you. I did my "retest". And it's official. I still can't do real pushups, like the kind where your whole body is off the floor. I'm still going to have to do them on the stairs or my knees. For now! But I'm not giving up!

Stephanie - thanks for the note about the chicken! We're definitely going to be trying that one. I've got a long list of your recipes I want to try, LOL! Thankfully, fall, and a return to cooking around here, is coming up!

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