Monday, August 4, 2008


I started to put the title of this recipe into the header. But I'm going to make you wait a minute, because some of you will run screaming if I don't ease you into it. You know who you are (or you will!) :-) Hang in there, I promise I wouldn't lie to you!

Today was just one of those days. You know, those days - Monday (which you already know how I feel about), the day farthest away from a new weekend, and absolutely packed crazy full with work. Work everywhere - at my "regular" job, at the second job I do (insurance billing for my Dad), work we need to do around the house (like, oh, I don't know, laundry that never seems to get completed over the weekends these days, grocery shopping that didn't get done, menu planning...wait, what did I do this weekend, anyway?) It was just one of those. And the most unhappy moment of my day? The minute I realized that not only would I not get a chance to blog or catch up on my reader over lunch...I realized there really wasn't going to be any lunch break today. And y'all know how I love my food!!!

[Pause for a comment from the Peanut Gallery: Yes, I realize I don't have any real problems, and I am incredibly thankful for that.] So I'm not going to continue whining. Sorry about that! We'll just move on, shall we?

First, thanks so much for your patience with the sitemeter issues and page load problems this weekend. Sorry about that. I'm glad it wasn't just my site that was affected, though, because I was really worried there for a second.

Next, I want to give a shout out to the pushups group. Let's finish this 2nd week strong! I'll be doing mine this evening. Let me know how it goes!

Now, I had hoped to get a new menu plan up today, but I just didn't get it done. So we'll be winging it this week. I was, however, very excited to see that Tara featured the Garlic Lime Chicken on her plan for this week. Hope you guys love it! Incidentally, I had leftover Garlic Lime Chicken as my super-fast lunch today - sort of in between emails and frantic phone calls (wasn't end-of-month last week??) But it was still yummy, even cold! I think it would be great for a salad, and that's going to be how I try it next. Probably tomorrow for lunch. Which I plan to actually sit down and eat, LOL!

Anyway, to console myself I'm making total comfort food for dinner. Meat loaf. Now, STOP! Don't run screaming. If you're a meat loaf hater, I've got a recipe you MUST try. I promise, if you still hate meat loaf after you've tried this recipe, I will forgive you and allow you to go forth into the rest of your life hating meat loaf. But I bet you you'll love it as much as we do. And I won't let you hate it without trying this one, LOL. It's awesome!

Just the aroma of baking meat loaf is worth the trial run, if you think you don't like it. I promise, the scary stuff you've seen in cafeterias and made fun of all your life is not real meat loaf. Angie and I went to an elementary school that served a particularly frightening version, but thankfully (for me, anyway) my mom made great meat loaf. So I didn't come out of childhood hating it like some people do.

So what I want to share with you today is my current favorite meatloaf recipe. If you love meatloaf, give this one a try. If you think you hate it, I beg you to reconsider and give this a chance. I promise you won't regret it. There's nothing to be afraid of in this recipe - most of the ingredients are things you are already eating on your burger. So if you like those flavors, you'll like this (and Angie, this means you too, LOL!)

Okay, ready? This is fast and easy and sooooo good. Throw the following ingredients into a big bowl (this will serve at least 4, unless you're serving boys like my husband, who love meatloaf - then you'll need more!):

2 pounds lean ground beef
2 eggs
1 cup tomato sauce or V-8 juice (I use the V-8)
1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce
3 Tbsp mustard
1 medium onion, diced as finely as you like (just don't leave it out!)
1/3 - 1/2 cup or so regular oats

Mix everything together gently. Don't overmix; you just want it well combined. Put the mixture into a loaf pan or a meatloaf pan, if you've got one (let me know if any questions on the pan). Now, here's the important part. COVER it with ketchup. I mean, sort of drown it. Smooth it out with a spoon so it's completely covered. The reason for this is that the baked ketchup has a totally different (and very yummy) consistency and flavor. It will taste much yummier than if you added ketchup afterward, though that's good too. So go ahead and put a bunch of ketchup on there. Just be sure you put a larger pan under the meatloaf pan in the oven, to catch any drips. Bake at 375 for about an hour or until a meat thermometer registers where you want it. I don't cook mine to death, but it's ground beef, so be comfortable with it. I cook mine about medium well, becuase it will keep cooking after you remove it from the oven. Also, if you like to do the freezer meals, this freezes beautifully cooked or uncooked. I usually divide this recipe in half to freeze. Freeze it flat so it will thaw evenly.

(Meanwhile, I'm still sitting here sniffing the air dreamily, as wondrous aromas drift in from the kitchen. Ohhh, yummmmmy.)

When you're done, you'll end up with something like this:

And if you're having the kind of day I was, you'll serve it with garlic toast and wilted spinach, both of which you can make in five minutes or less. But I promise, after you eat this meat loaf your bad day will be better. Promise!

Try it! I bet you'll like it. If you don't, you can even come back here and call me a liar. I promise not to delete the comments!

Love, Dahrlin'


Michelle said...

What, so you knew I don't like meatloaf? How'd you figure that? I actually tried one of my supper swapping buddy's meatloaf recipes (she made it) twice. Still not a fan. It sounds somewhat similar except she uses multiple kinds of meat. But I'll try it.

Not until winter though -- how on EARTH do you turn the oven on in summer down there? Except for the cakes I had to bake, my oven hasn't been on in a loooong time (and my stove rarely -- I don't even make pasta in summer)!

Angie said...

Alright, alright...I'll try it. Even though I DESPISE meatloaf. All the ingredients sound like something I would enjoy, so I'll press on with expanding my horizons. :-) Jake will be thrilled since he loves meatloaf. And mashed potatoes. And garlic toast. Oh my, must go now. I'm starving.

BTW, I FINALLY did my week 2 day 3 pushups this morning. (Running just a bit behind) I got in 20 on my 5th set. Woo hoo! I'm going to do my exhaustion test tomorrow, so I can start week 3 on friday. Yippee! I am already seeing a change in my arms.

teachermomof2 said...

Your meatloaf sounds interesting. It is one of those dishes that I can never make and satisfy dh, so we have made the decision to have dh make meatloaf when he is hungry for it. I will suggest this recipe to him. :0)

Stephanie said...

Since you seem to have a lot of time on your hands, I tagged you :)

Great meatloaf recipe, simple but tasty hmmmmm.

Angela said...

Hey Ladies!

Michelle - LOL! Around here I will trade a hot kitchen in exchange for not having to stand over the stove and cook!

Angie - GREAT job on the pushups! I am a day behind so I did mine tonight, and as usual can barely type.

Lisa - hope you guys like it!

And Stephanie - LOL! I will be sure to respond!

Hope everyone had a great Tuesday. I'm beat so I'm heading to bed early tonight!

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