Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Midweek Catchup!

Wow, these weeks are just sliding by so fast lately. It's already almost the end of August! Crazy! Meanwhile, I'm simultaneously stuck in molasses in the middle of the slowest moving week at work in a long while! Is it really only Wednesday?

A few random notes for today -

I'm watching "Iron Chef America" while I write this. Anyone else addicted to this show? I adore sitting and watching master chefs work their magic, often with a featured ingredient that I would have no idea what to do with. Like today's ingredient is mango. That's a fruit I've never learned to like - it's just a bit too sweet for me. But it's fascinating to see what they're doing. Mario Batali (a favorite of mine) made several amazing looking dishes that I would love to try...even with mango! Also, for this show, they've got a new twist: each chef has a master mixologist on hand, and they have to make a cocktail/drink to go with each dish. Hmmm... I'm loving this show more than ever, LOL! The drinks also look awesome.

On the exercise front, I've worked out twice this week, which I'm pleased with. Yesterday I did some elliptical and strength training, and today I ran and(yes) did pushups. Ow! I apologize that I am behind on encouraging you guys for the pushup program - but don't stop now! I think we may be "supposed" to retest again this week. I will check and post an update for Friday. Meanwhile, let me know how you are all doing!

[PS: All this exercise is cutting into my blogging time. Must figure out a way to blog while walking!]

Meanwhile, with fall coming up I'm getting my food priorities back on track. The last few nights I have sat down for a while and started (or continued) the list of favorite and new recipes that I want to make/try this fall and winter. I've now filled two pages of single space paper. And I'm nowhere near done yet. There are so many awesome new recipes that have been featured on the blogs I read, that I can't stop adding new ones to the list! Perhaps because of all that exposure to awesome looking recipes, I ate almost everything in sight today. I'm not kidding - it wasn't pretty! All this stress and PMS exercise must be increasing my appetite, LOL!

All's well here otherwise. I have some catching up to do in returning comments and bloggy love (and responding to several awesome awards I've gotten), but I will definitely get caught up here shortly! And I'll have a new recipe for you Friday. So stay tuned, eat well and take care of yourselves this week!

Love, Dahrlin'


Angie's Spot said...

Throw me a life preserver because I'm drowning! Here I am thinking, oh geez, it's ALREADY Wednesday! If this week moves any faster, I'm going to have to issue a moving violation citation for reckless driving.

I've eaten EVERYTHING in sight, including half of my birthday cookie. And we're talking a 14" cookie cake. Covered in icing. Yum. Don't judge me, "aunt flo" arrived today. That hussy.

The arrival of ALL the girls Fall activities in 1 week is about to send me over the edge. Thank god I've got my spa day to enjoy on Friday and dinner out with Jake. Phew!

But enough about me. Congrats on your workouts this week! I am going to start over with the pushup program this weekend. I got side-tracked and haven't done anything in 2 weeks. I know. Slacker. But, I'm also starting the Couch to 5k program simultaneously. Misery loves company right?

Hope your week moves as quickly as mine appears to be! xoxo

Michelle said...

Hee hee hee! I know this comes as a surprise, but I LOVE Iron Chef (honestly, the original version more because it totally cracked me up). I'm disappointed that you don't like mangos those. They are some of my favorite fruits (of cousre, that's like saying that tuna is my favorite sushi -- what sushi do I *not* like?).

Sorry the week is going slow. I can't believe my trip to Vegas is over already. It went by so fast (of course the next few days to and in Minnesota will probably drag, but that's ok!).

Yay to you on your workouts! I did my pushups (in Vegas, mind you) last night. For some reason, they were particularly rough. But I got through them. Now to get back to running!

Can't wait to hear all the recipes you're going to be making!

Bobbi said...

Hi! I've nominated you for a blog award. Come check it out on my recipe blog!

Live.Love.Eat said...

For some reason I have not been able to get into the Iron Chef show but I have taped quite a few of my cooking shows like Ina, Paula & Tyler so I can watch them whenever it is "my turn." The good thing is they're something I can watch while my little guy is in the room. Delicious sidenote: I am making those chicken & artichoke calzones tonight. So excited!!!!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Hey. ditto on all you said. So alike. Wish I had your email address for better correspondence. If you're ever comfy drop it to me. I have tried the sauv blanc but forget how I like it compared to Pinot. I should get them side by side and do a taste test. I know Reisling is too sweet for me and Chard is too dry I think. So sauv blanc is probably the other I like.

Angela said...

Hey Ladies!

Angie - hope you are surviving Friday! Was glad to see a new post from you because I know if you don't have time to blog, you are truly swamped, LOL! Hope the spa day today is lovely!

Michelle - so glad you guys had a great trip to Vegas! I am jealous - I have only been once and I want to go back! And I'm so proud of you for keeping up with your pushups on vacation!!

Bobbi - thanks SO much for nominating me! I am so happy to receive bloggy love!! I will post on your award shortly!

Stephanie - I was so sorry to read you guys had no power last night. I guess that means you weren't able to make the calzones :-( Let me know what you think when you make them! PS I LOVE Ina too. She's so calming to watch. Her voice is hypnotizing, LOL! The food just seems to prepare itself as she floats along in her kitchen, never hurrying, never rushed. My kitchen is mostly hurried and rushed, LOL!

Oh, and hope you get a chance to try some new wines this weekend!

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