Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Meme Tag!

It seems it’s my week to be tagged for things, which is fun for two reasons - first because I love to talk about myself surveys and questionnaires, and second because I’ve had no time (or lately, internet) to post new recipes for you guys this week, so this will make me feel at least a little better about being so out of touch! Stephanie has tagged me, and that post is coming up shortly. Angie has also tagged me with a meme.

A meme is basically a list of things about me (hence the name). The stated subject is "6 UN-spectacular things about me." Now here’s a subject that could go on forever (but I promise it won’t, LOL!) And it comes with few rules, as follows:

1. Link the person who tagged you - see above!
2. Mention the rules on your blog - here they are!
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours - This is where it will get interesting, below!
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them - see below!
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them know they’ve been tagged - This is the fun part!

So let’s see. Six “unspectacular” things about me:

(1) I can’t drive a stick shift. This inability remains at my ripe old age, despite the very best efforts and intentions of EVERY guy to whom I've ever disclosed this fact, be they friend, relative or boyfriend. But in my defense, I would like to say that I can drive a stick shift flawlessly in reverse. I have never once stalled trying to back up. But it’s just something about guys - as soon as they hear me say I can’t, they feel compelled to prove that they’re bigger stronger faster a better teacher than the people who have tried before them (sound like any guys you know?). This disclosure is invariably met first with disbelief, then friendly teasing, immediately followed by a promise that whomever is speaking can certainly teach me, no problem. Won’t take five minutes (ha! that’s their first mistake!) It usually takes about four to six false starts before their confidence begins to wane, and I see the familiar frown they all try to hide (subtitled: “What isn’t she getting? What’s the problem here?”) Their confusion is usually compounded by the fact that I can go backward so smoothly, so they don’t get why I can’t go forward (neither, incidentally, do I). Typically, this process continues for a while, until they develop whiplash and a sort of fascinated horror overtakes them, when it finally begins to sink in that they really can’t teach me how to do this. The really funny part is that without fail, I can always tell that mentally they are still scratching their heads over the problem, even hours or days later. Many have tried, none have succeeded!

(2) I love to read, but I will not continue or complete a book that doesn’t hold my interest. I know people who have very strong opinions on this issue in both directions, but I just won’t force myself to read something I’m not enjoying. I think this comes from all those years I spent as an English major, reading literature I really did NOT enjoy and being forced to write about it (my curse is that while I love to read, and I write decently, I was rarely asked to write about anything I actually liked reading. Anybody with me on this? Anyone else spend hours, days, weeks, months of their childhood and young adult life reading miserable tomes such as Silas Marner, The Pearl, The Once and Future King...this could go on a while...) The stellar exception, the book I adored and still love to this day, was Pride and Prejudice. I even love the movie version - with Colin Firth!

(3) I tend to begin projects with great fanfare and enthusiasm. I am not so great at following through with them, and as soon as my perfectionist tendencies kick in, I quickly become overwhelmed and usually move on to something I don’t feel perfectionist about yet. I’m working on it! As I go through life, I am gradually learning that I don’t have to do things all in one day; I can come back to projects and pick them up again later. And sometimes I do. My wedding scrapbook is honestly, really, truly going to get completed by the holidays this year. It was begun in 2003, to document our wedding two years earlier...but it really is almost done. Angie can testify.

(4) For a kid who was ridiculously picky about what I ate as a child, insisting that everything be served on those divided, three-section plates, I consider myself to have pretty broad food horizons these days. However, there remain several items (and categories) of foods I just will not touch. Not even to try them, not even once. A few examples I can think of off hand include raw sushi, organ meats of any kind, licorice (it’s that smell), caviar (fish eggs? seriously??) and most wild game (the lone exception I can think of is that I will eat bison burgers at Ted’s Montana Grill, which I love).

(5) I love to ride bicycles, but to this day my husband laughs at the fact that I can’t ride on a sidewalk. I don’t know what it is, but I just need more room than that. Something about having to stay within those visually tiny boundaries throws me off mentally, and I can’t even ride in a straight line at that point. Even I think it’s hilarious (until I fall!). I also can’t ride motor scooters. My grandfather had one at the lake where I grew up, and I almost killed myself trying to ride that thing. I was determined to learn, but never got the hang of accelerating smoothly while adjusting to the changing need for balance. Hmmm… this could be related to the same reason I can’t drive a stick shift. Must investigate...someday! Interestingly, I did gymnastics for years as a kid and never had any balance troubles there. And my hand-eye coordination is, honestly, pretty decent. I don’t know what it is with certain transportation vehicles, but we just don’t get along.

(6) I am a great lover of 80’s and 90’s music, even a lot of the stuff most people my age like but won’t admit to liking. Yeah, I’ll claim ‘em! (Okay, but I won’t name them, because then you really would never come here again!) It’s what I grew up with, and (for my sister, who's a decade younger) yeah, people really did like that stuff at the time. And we still do. It has a way of sticking with you. :-) Some of them cause my husband to just look sideways at me and shake his head. But that’s okay. He likes some truly awful movies, so we’re pretty even there.

So let's see, there are my six things. For this set, I'm going to tag the following people: Michelle, Tara, Stephanie at Live.Love.Eat, Julie, and Stephanie at Steph's Little Corner. Have fun with it!

Love, Dahrlin'


Michelle said...

Thanks, Angela. I think!

I think I must be part guy because I'm already devising ways to teach you to drive a stick. It's so much fun!

And I can NOT not finish a book. Regardless of how much I hate it. And I've proven that more than once!

Mmmm sushi! And yay '80s! Love 'em both. Really no sushi at all? And the fun little pops of caviar? It's like bubble wrap in your mouth! (I totally grossed you out, didn't I? If I try your meatloaf, will you try caviar?)

Angie's Spot said...

Ok, further proof that we are 2 halves of the same person.

1. I cannot drive a stick shift either. I was mildly successful with the jerk I dated senior year, but forgot it all when he left the picture.

2. I won't finish books I don't like either. Silas Marner. Gah! Once & Future King. Sheesh!

3. Ditto for this one. And I will make SURE you finish that wedding album this year!

4. I'm a much pickier eater than you. But I'm in total agreement on your "do not touch" list.

5. I haven't ridden a bike in so long, that I'm not sure I still could.

6. Well, we already knew that we shared this. Jake STILL can't believe when certain things come on the iPod shuffle. And I don't particularly care for his music either.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Oh, very cool. Someone else just tagged me for the very same thing. This will make for a nice Saturday post which is usually non-existent. And this gives my husband some time to think of my quirkiness.

Jul said...

Although I hated my parents at the time, today I am quite grateful to them for making me learn to drive on a stick.

But don't worry... public transportation is so good in Switzerland, you'll never have to drive at all when you move there (so it doesn't matter than almost all cars in Europe are sticks). :)

Tara said...

Thanks Angela! I've been busy working on my painting project I've been slacking on my blogging! As soon as I get this done I'll be back to do this!!!

I think we would get along great because pretty much everything you wrote describes me! I am the same way with the books, the projects, and riding the bike! I had to laugh because it explained me so well!!! (except that i don't really like the 80's and i did learn to drive a stick shift a few years back! :))

Angela said...

Michelle - LOL! If you guys ever come down this way, you let me know. If you can find a stick shift that we can borrow, I'd be glad to let you try to teach me!

And yeah, I guess if you promise to try my meatloaf, I will promise to try caviar... when I next have the chance, LOL!

Angie - yep, we're definitely a pair!

Steph - I hope you had a chance to respond this weekend - look forward to reading it!

Julie - you have just made me want to go to Switzerland even MORE! LOL!

Tara - Hope your painting project is going well! And yes, it definitely sounds like we're a lot alike!

Lora said...

I enjoyed reading your answers! I love 80's music, too:) Last week while traveling to our vacation desintation I saw a Def Leppard and a Journey concert advertised in a town we were passing through--I was sooo tempted to stay for them:)

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