Friday, August 22, 2008

It's Not An Olympic Medal...

but I think it's pretty cool nonetheless!! Behold:

But let me back up a second. First, I have been blessed with several awards in the last few days from several of my wonderful new (and old) friends who read this crazy blog!! Thanks so much ladies!! I adore bloggy love! It makes me so happy to know you guys like what I'm writing, and are actually reading it, LOL! And I will be posting on those very shortly. But meanwhile, I also tripped over this on a blog I follow, and grabbed it because she said I could received in the generic sense was specifically awarded the very cute award above. And I have been dying to share it with several of you!!

Now, since I'm not aware of any rules on this one (and indeed, don't even know who the author of the award is, to credit them) I would normally award it to everyone who's reading. But since it does feature alcohol, and I don't want to offend anyone, I will only be awarding this one to those of you that I know, or at least think, enjoy a cocktail or two every once in a while :-) So if you're not mentioned below, please don't be offended! If I've left you out and you'd like to be included, just grab the button and enjoy!

And this award goes out to:

(1) Stephanie at Steph's Little Corner of the World. Steph gets listed first in honor of the fact that almost every time she has ever come to my house, she has brought me an entire bottle of Grey Goose L'Orange. And proceeded to leave it here for me. Oh, my. It's my very favorite. Just for that, she deserves to get this award twice, LOL!

(2) Angie at Angie's Spot. I am gradually encouraging Angie into bad habits turning Angie into as much of a martini lover as I am! Next time she comes down to visit, we will have to experiment with a new 'tini flavor. I found a "Snickers Martini" that I personally think would be an excellent candidate, but I'll let her pick since she's the guest!

(3) Stephanie at Live. Love. Eat. Stephanie is a wonderful new friend whom I know loves martinis (and, I am pretty sure, margaritas and mojitos as well). If Steph ever comes up to our area, I am going to get her to teach me how to make mojitos! Meanwhile, I will share these martinis and margaritas with her.

(4) Michelle at Honest and Truly. I am not positive that Michelle drinks alcohol, as I can't recall any posts discussing the topic offhand. But, I want to include her in case, because she is another great new friend, and also because she is (or was) currently in the middle of a vacation with two small children. I think they went to a fair. And it is August, and there are probably a bazillion people there, and I am just pretty sure that by the time she gets done with all that, even if she is not a big drinker, she is going to want a stiff drink of some kind! So we will let her pick her favorite.

So ladies, grab your drink of choice, raise it high and let's toast the fact that it's Friday!! (We'll dance on the bar after our second drinks...)




Michelle said...

Angela. I'm horribly offended. Really, you can't tell that I'm a big supporter of alcohol and love to share a drink with friends (and yes, I could use one tonight but I was driving home from dinner and have a low tolerance so none for me...). I must not have shared my mojito granita recipe with you yet.... I'll have to do that soon. Mmmm mojito granita!

Oh yeah, and thanks for the award :) I'm with you on loving the bloggy love. I may have to google this to see if I can find out any more about it!

Tara said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog! Life does get crazy at times. Yeah I do have a new linkback if you want to switch it out. Thanks!!!

Angie's Spot said...

Well, now this is an award I can get behind! Thanks so much! I can't wait to proudly display it at my place. I'm going to do a bit of reorganizing this weekend for all my bling. Woo hoo!

And, I'm all over this Snickers martini. Mmm, chocolate.

Angela said...

LOL Michelle! I haven't seen the granita recipe, but I'd love to try it!

If you find out where the award came from let me know, and I will edit my post. I admit to being incredibly lazy and not even trying, but I'm ashamed of that!

Tara, no problem, I will update the button. Thanks for letting me know!

Angie - yep, I'm thinking Snickers martini. Also, be thinking of what you want to cook that weekend.

Robin's Reports said...

Well, I'm not offended but I'm going to offend you by stealing a copy of the award and sending it to my mom. My Mom is the Queen of Martinis since it is also her maiden name. Mom doesn't blog but she has "space". LOL

As for me...... I have to wait for a water, cranapple or lemonade award to come out. LOL If you see one of those, name me... please, please, please.. ha ha .

Live.Love.Eat said...

Awesome!!!! Thank you!!! Now, how did you know I do alcohol? is it the Blue Moon in my profile pic? Or is it the fact that I am always drinking or talking about drinking? Ha ha, thank you, I love this award!!!!!!

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