Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weeknight Favorites: Chicken Broccoli Braid

This is another recipe I mentioned recently that my friend Michelle requested. It's truly a favorite of mine and it's one of the first recipes from outside my family that I learned to make. A neighbor invited me to her Pampered Chef party about 10 years ago, beginning a lifelong love affair between me and both this recipe and the company's products.

The actual recipe is very simple, and I call it a weeknight favorite because it works well as a freezer meal (just freeze the filling, not the rolls). So I can thaw a portion of the filling in the fridge overnight and have dinner ready in about half an hour if I need to. I consider it a one-dish meal, because you're getting chicken, vegetables and rolls all in one. And it's soooooooo yummy that you won't want any other dishes to divide your attention as you enjoy every tasty bite! (I'll stop raving now, because I am even making myself hungry).

Anyway, I'll get to the actual recipe in a second, but wanted to mention one other thing. The trick to making these "braids" (which are quite impressive to company, I might add) is just learning how to twist the dough. It's super easy once you get the hang of it, but it can be hard to picture in your mind if you've never seen it done. So I'm going to point you to a copy of the recipe that is online, so you can see a photo of how it's done. I won't even try to describe the process to you in words, because I just tried and failed to come up with anything remotely understandable. ;-) So just read the directions and let me know if any questions. But it's a very pretty, and tasty, recipe that's beautiful for any occasion. Family meals, company, bridal or baby showers, etc. Even hubby loves this one (I think it's the crescent roll factor).

To size it for meals for two, I make the above recipe (using about twice as much broccoli and red pepper as called for) and divide it in thirds. Then to bake, I use a 4 oz can of crescent rolls. Fits perfectly, and makes two servings.

I keep meaning to improvise and try new variations on this theme, as I think there are a zillion different things you could bake in this crust. Some that I have envisioned (but not yet tried) include a pizza one (any of your favorite pizza toppings), an Italian one (chicken and artichoke with maybe mozzarella?), a Philly cheesesteak one, a Mexican one (taco-type ingredients and flavorings), etc. I will definitely let you know if I try any new ones, and please let me know if you do!

Because I've got you clicking over to see the photo anyway, I won't recopy the recipe here until I make it again and have a photo of my own for you. Meantime, enjoy!!

Chicken Broccoli Braid

See recipe and photos here.

Love, Dahrlin'


Tara said...

It sounds wonderful! I am definitely giving this one a try! I will let you know how it goes!

Thanks for adding my button to your blog!!

Michelle said...

Sounds lovely, but Angela, seriously... you're on Spark, too? Dude, you're stealing my life! Or I'm stealing yours. One or the other.

btw, I forgot to post. I did my pushups on Friday and NO soreness yesterday or today. I'm about to do today's in a moment!

And yep, sounds lovely. I'm going to practice, then this will be one of my Supper Swapping recipes next time around!

Angela said...

Tara - Please do let me know how you like it!

Michelle - I can't take credit on this one - what is Spark? I'm on Twitter; is that the same thing?

And that is awesome on your pushups! I will slink into a corner and admit I did not get mine done this weekend, mostly becuase I was consumed with houseguests. But I did lots of kid-lifting in the pool today as they all wanted to be swung around, someone to jump to (or on!) etc. all afternoon. The kids are going strong and the three adults still here this evening are all dragging. LOL!

Michelle said...

Oh phew! Spark is a weightloss helping site. The recipe you linked to comes from SparkRecipes which is the affiliated recipe website for SparkPeople. And yes, I've been a member since January. Super super super helpful (20 pounds just about gone!) and massively motivating. And I haven't done today's pushups yet :) I forgot how many I was supposed to do so I came back to check.

Angela said...

Michelle, congrats on your weight loss so far! That is awesome. No, I'm not on spark, that was just the first place I could find that posted the recipe with a photo. And tomorrow, I'm getting back into the pushups for real! LOL!

angie said...

My sister used to make this.....a good reminder to pull out my Pampered Chef recipe books!

Angie said...

This is my fave recipe from PC! Now that I'm not afraid of bread dough anymore, I need to make it more often. One more thing to add to the "to do" list!

Angela said...

Angie -

I'm so jealous you have a whole cookbook of Pampered Chef recipes!

And Angie - (there are a lot of us, aren't there, LOL!?)

Since when are you afraid of bread dough?

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