Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pool Party!

So the new pool finally saw its first real party this weekend!

We all had a great time Sunday, just relaxing around by the pool and watching the kids play. We basically spent the entire day in the water, with periodic breaks for food and sunscreen. It was well over 90 degrees here, so the weather was perfect for swimming!

Here's an introduction to our cast of visitor characters:

First we have Miss Snack.

That is not, of course, her real name, but it is an appropriate pseudonym. She's my sister-in-law's adorable 4 year old, and she is literally an eating machine. Her metabolism is the envy of the entire household! Miss Snack's vocabulary is also quite stunning for her age. She speaks like an 8 year old (at least) and is fond of phrases (perfectly applied, I might add) such as "that's quite amazing!" and "I'd like to discuss that later." (and I'm really NOT making this up).

One of my favorite examples is that on Friday night, we'd been telling the kids all afternoon that they had to get some sleep, because they had a big day the next day (they were going to the local amusement park). So Snack comes downstairs after being put to bed, asking (don't they always?) for water. We gave her some water and as she was heading back up the stairs, she looked over her shoulder (think Cindy-Lou Who) and smiled and said "G'night everyone! I have to go to sleep now... I have a verrrry big day tomorrow!" This munchkin knows when she needs her beauty sleep!

She's a perfect mimic and repeats almost anything she hears. But what's uncanny about it is that she applies the phrases she hears correctly, sometimes days later. It's not like she repeats it without understanding; she fully comprehends the meaning of the words and uses them in context. See her watching and listening?

But by far her favorite phrase, often heard within minutes of her last meal hitting her tummy, is "could I please have a snack?" Hence the name. When you see how energetic she is, though, it's hard to doubt her need for all those calories. She's constantly in motion and has enough energy for three:

Next up is my brother-in-law's oldest. Now 12, the Big Guy is quickly becoming a teenager. I can't believe how old he is already. This trip, he's got braces and is starting 7th grade. That's just crazy!

He's old enough to start learning to play pool (billiards) in earnest, so he enjoyed working on his pool skills while here and challenging his uncle and his grandpa. (Here, he's contemplating another kind of pool skill; the kids had all kinds of fun diving and jumping off the hot tub).

He also played very sweetly with the younger kids in the pool, and very kindly offered to help his uncle grill lunch. He's growing up right before our eyes!

Big Guy's sister, Princess Fiona, is also growing faster than I can imagine.

Now 10, Fiona is fond of dancing (particularly to the karaoke dance party on the bonus features at the end of the movie Shrek), Shrek in general, and doing tricks while she swims. She did flips (with a little help from her Dad),

dives, leaps and the ever popular "air pose" for her applauding audience.

She's become very outgoing and is quite the entertainer. Fiona and her cousin Snack don't get to visit each other that often, but they really hit it off and enjoyed playing together all weekend.

Our fourth little visitor was Nintendo Man. Nintendo Man is the youngest sibling of Big Guy and Fiona, and Nintendo Man garnered his nickname from his habit of holing up, away from everyone else, and playing Gameboy for nearly the entire trip. This is one of the few action (read: visible) shots I could get of NM.

On previous visits, Nintendo Man has been the life of the party. But on this trip he was a little more subdued, preferring to do everything on his own.

He came to the table for breakfast once everyone else had eaten, and (after a minor dustup with his older brother) he came back outside to swim after everyone else retreated in to change. Still, I love the pics I got of him because they show his many moods. Such a cutie, this little guy was born just before hubby and I got married. He's about a month older than our marriage, LOL! But maybe because of that, he will always have a special place in my heart.

Lastly, here are a few shots of other family members - hubby's brother (and one more of Nintendo Man),

Sister, and Dad:

And one shot of the whole family - three generations! It was a nice chance for all of them to see each other in one spot for a change. The only one missing from the group shot is Nintendo Man, who resisted almost all photographs :-) If you look closely, you can see either a hand or foot (not sure) hiding behind everyone else. He's back there somewhere!

For all our family viewing this, hope everyone had a great weekend. We enjoyed seeing all of you!

Love, Dahrlin'


Tara said...

Gorgeous pool!!!!

Angie said...

It's so nice to put names with faces now! Great pics and so glad you guys had a nice time. :-)

HRH said...

Wow. That pool looks great. What a fun day. I love the stone you chose.

Stephanie said...

Days like this are my absolute favorite mixed in with good food and yummy cocktails!

Angela said...

Thanks Tara!

Angie - yep, now you can put faces with those names you've heard so much about!

HRH - thanks so much! that stone is from my home state, so I love it doubly :-) Tennessee Flagstone!

And Stephanie - you and I definitely have that love of yummy food and lovely cocktails in common!

teachermomof2 said...

Your pool is BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing the photos of the family. Very sweet kids.


Angela said...

Thanks so much, Lisa! I was so happy to get any decent photos, because they were all in constant motion! :-)

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