Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ow, Ow, OW!!

First, THANK YOU all for the love and comments on the new site. I'm having so much fun reading all your feedback and I'm so glad you like the new design!

Meanwhile, I just have to say, I'm so glad to read that I'm not the only one who's incredibly sore from all those pushups yesterday. From what I'm reading in the comments I'm not alone here, LOL! I'd forgotten how many muscles are used when you actually do a pushup with correct form. And I am doing them on an incline (the kind that makes them possible easier, not harder :-) and I'm still dying here. Ouch!

Lunch is over so I've got to run for now, but I'll be back tonight or tomorrow morning with a new recipe or two to reward encourage us!

Love, Dahrlin'


Angie said...

You are definitely NOT alone in the muscle pain misery. My intention was to do the "girly" pushups (on my knees). That is until Jake saw that I done a "real" pushup for my initial test and he said my results would be skewed if I deviated from it. My anger towards him is what pushed me to do the 6 I banged out yesterday on set 5. Of course, now I'm paying dearly for it. Sigh.

Michelle said...

I actually came specifically to your page to complain about how I'm sore today.

It was funny because I felt fine if a touch tired. Yeah... by the time I was trying to hold up a magazine in bed, my arms were wobbly :)

And today my chest is sore. It's funny because it's a different set of muscles than I was expecting to be sore.

I'm SO glad we have a day off today!

Bobbi said...

I'm doing situps instead of pushups, but I feel your pain! I think I'm too out of shape for this!

Angela said...

Angie - LOL! You go! I truly can't do more than one "real" pushup, with good form, at a time. So I am going to do the modified ones for a while. My body hurts enough to tell me I'm definitely getting a workout!

Michelle - I definitely hurt in places I always forget that I have, until I resume pushup training. It's like I'm fine until I move a certain way, or try to lift something in a certain direction. I, too am so glad to have a day off!

Bobbi - no worries if you are out of shape. So am I!! We're all in this together and, if nothing else, when we come out of it we'll be in better shape than we were! :-)

Jeff & Aleigh said...

Thanks for the comment! I've recently joined flylady and am doing the 31 day challenge!

Angela said...

You'll love Flylady! She keeps me headed in the right direction around the house, LOL!

Michelle said...

Resume pushup training? As in you've done this before? And you knew what it would be like and didn't inform we poor unwitting souls? Mean. Very mean.

Angela said...

Michelle - too funny! If I'd warned you, I might never have gotten any of you to join me! ((Evil laughing ensues!))

But yeah, over the years I have tried several times to "really" get back in shape. This time, I really mean it. I'm telling all of you that too, so I can't go back on it :-)

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