Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lord, Help Me!!

That isn't just a post title. It's an actual prayer. Because another blogger has inspired me to take this challenge. And believe me, I'm going to need ALL the help I can get!!! In fact, for me to do even five of these is going to require a direct act from the Lord above. So don't wish me luck; just send prayers!!! LOL!

This inspiration is born in part out of my determination of late to actually get back in shape. Hubby and I are planning to start trying for kids in just a few months (yep, for all my family reading this, you heard it here first! Mom, you can start getting excited now :-) And I would like to be in much better shape before that happens, since grad school and the ensuing 7 years of desk work have pretty much left me with that dreaded "10 and 10"**.

Want to take the challenge with me? Let me know and we can commiserate together!

Love, Dahrlin'

*(10 and 10 means ten years older, 10 pounds heavier ;-)


Angie said...

Oh my, you've inspired me! This is going to suck, but I'll do it with you. :-) I need something to get me back on track and sounds like this is it. So, when do we start? :-)

Angela said...

Woohoo! I'll be glad to have the company! I'm planning to start Tuesday. That's just because I already hate Monday's enough anyway; no reason to add starting a new training program to the list, LOL!

Robin's Reports said...

Gee, I didn't think you had 10 to lose when I saw you.

When I was smaller, I gained more (50 lbs). It seems to be true for many people.

For my 2nd baby, I got a nutritionist and gained only 23 lbs.

Angela said...

Thanks Robin! But my clothes say otherwise, LOL! I gotta get back into my closet. Can't wear anything in there right now, and gas money is eating up anything I could use to buy new stuff. :-)

jmk said...
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jmk said...

This is odd. I saw this in Lifehacker or whatever and bookmarked the page. On my walk today at lunch I was thinking that I needed to add it to Remember the Milk and start that next week. Now you are posting it (and I am adding it to RTM).

I will make the initial test due this weekend.

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