Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Sunday! Vacation Wrapup

Good morning!

We're enjoying our last few hours of vacation week, and I've been trying to decide on what to blog about this morning. I'm not a morning person, and I'm indecisive in this area a lot, so this morning's post will be a mixed basket of items. Hope you enjoy!

First off, my BFF honored me recently with my very first blogging award. I was super happy to receive it, but haven't posted yet because I am having trouble choosing from the many blogs I love (I have to honor five people to pay it forward). See indecisive, above, LOL! I just hate to pick only five. But I've put this off long enough, so look for that post later today!

Next, hubby and I have really enjoyed our week off. I don't have any new pics to share, largely because we haven't really accomplished anything much... lots of R&R and lots of fun just reading, swimming and sunning. I really needed a break, and this has been nice. I promised myself I wouldn't work on a zillion projects, and can honestly say I stuck to that. I now wish I'd accomplished something, anything, but I'm trying not to let it bother me :-) That's what vacation is for, right? Oh wait!! I DID accomplish two workouts this week, which is definitely more than I've done lately in any other week. So that's good.

I haven't even done much cooking this week, and I am going to sheepishly admit that after all my grand planning, I didn't even get the meal kits done this weekend. Actually, it may have been my lack of grand planning that led to that circumstance, in that I never really actually sat down and made the grocery list :-) We finally got some sunny days Friday and Saturday, and I wanted to enjoy some time by the pool, so I just let it go. Next weekend, for sure, I will get those done. But we're back to rain this morning, so I'm hoping for a productive morning/early afternoon in my office.

We have grilled out a lot, which has been a nice change of pace for me. And we've had a nice variety of foods. I even tried the Lime Butter recipe (served over fresh corn) recommended by Alicia, and that was super yummy. I went ahead and put the ingredients in a blender to really emulsify it, then refrigerated the leftovers, which remain at the perfect consistency to pour over veggies. I put some on my green beans last night and liked it that way as well. But then, I adore the flavor of lime, and there aren't many veggies that I don't love with butter, LOL!

So let's see, what else? We've watched a few movies - Spider Man 3, Charlie Wilson's War, and something else that's escaping me right now. Both of these movies were good. I learned a few more details about the players in the Soviet war in Afghanistan, which was going on when I was growing up. I remarked to my husband that I seem to know a lot more about what was "history" when I was growing up than what was (then) current events. Oh, I definitely remember the Wall coming down and those types of events, but for whatever reason I don't recall the Afghan situation being taught in depth in our schools. Maybe they did and I just didn't pick up on it, but at any rate, I learned a fair bit from the Charlie Wilson movie (which is largely historically accurate). Very interesting.

I've also enjoyed reading a couple books by the pool this week. For summer, pool or beach reading, I tend to go light and fun. (Oh, who am I kidding? I read all day at work, so when I go for entertainment reading, it's almost ALWAYS light and fun :-) This week's choices are part of a political/covert ops thriller series I've been reading by Brad Thor (his Scot Harvath novels). He's pretty good. The books are quick and easy reads, but are fun and interesting enough to keep your attention. And he pulls in a lot of exotic locations, which makes it fun (a little flavor of James Bond). I'm now on the fourth one, which is called Blowback. So far, it's pretty good.

Finally, for my Soulful Sunday thought for the day, I wanted to share these thoughts on Christian prayer for others from one of my favorite pastors. He has (as usual) said things a lot more eloquently than I could, so I will just refer you to the link. But I hope you enjoy. I especially love the story told of St. Augustine, and his mother's prayers for him (see the section, "The Son of So Many Tears"). May we all be moved to pray with that intensity and dedication.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. As always, thanks for reading and following along with my ramblings!

Love, Dahrlin'


Robin's Reports said...

Hey Angela,
I really enjoy that preacher you keep linking to. We covered some of those same verses in our sermon this morning but w/ the focus more on evangelism not prayer.

Glad you enjoyed your vacation. I'm going to take one as soon as everybody else goes back to school!! ha ha.

RE: Charlie Wilson's War, I wanted to see that too. Like the other movie selections below. Sadly, I tend to watch half of movies because I get disinterested and leave Jack watching them on the couch.

Angela said...

Thanks Robin! Hope you continue to enjoy Pastor Ray's thoughts. I really like him.

The Charlie Wilson movie was pretty good. It's pretty historically accurate, I think, and I learned a fair bit. Jack would probably enjoy it too.

Michelle said...

Your vacation sounds heavenly. I could use one of those! Actually, maybe I should take one. I don't know why, but since I work part time, I always feel guilty about taking time off. Even with the vacation I have scheduled (which includes all of winter break off and 11 days to FL in October), I still have 18 days left to take this year. Hmmm...

Oh, and with regards to history, in my schools (granted, the Catholic education isn't all it's cracked up to be), we always got to about WWII and the school year ended, so I know next to nothing about the gap from WWII to the time when I became sentient enough to follow what was going on in the world on my own. Don't ask me ANYthing about the Korean War. Really.

Angela said...

Michelle - LOL! Our school was about the same. I even took a class specifically on 20th century history, but it was largely WWII-focused. With some Vietnam history tacked on. But most of my war history knowledge comes from my Dad's influence. He watches war movies almost exclusively :-)

And I hope you do take some time off. We all need it. Take some long weekends here or there. That's what we're planning to do for the rest of the summer.

Angie said...

I'm glad that you're not thinking that your vacation was wasted. Enjoying time off, no matter how much or little you "accomplish" is always a good thing. :-)

I really enjoyed Charlie Wilson's War. And I didn't think I would. I despise war movies and it kept me pretty captivated. But again, I love Tom Hanks, so he would have to be stinking up the screen pretty badly for me to walk away. LOL! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


Angela said...

Angie - I agree about the vacations. At least I've gotten some R&R accomplished this week :-)

And yeah, I usually enjoy Tom Hanks' movies as well. Although I was LOL in this one. I think he looks exactly, totally like Al Gore with the hair they gave him in this movie.

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