Friday, July 25, 2008

Happy Friday!

Good morning!

I'm writing this the night before you are reading it, which is a feature I just love on Blogger. We've got a houseful of family coming to visit this weekend - three adults and four kids! I think that's a new record for us, or at least ties the current prevailing house guest record. I'm pretty sure having nine of us rambling around the house for the weekend will be a scene not heard of around these parts since Thanksgiving! Coming to visit are my brother in law, two nephews and a niece, sister in law and another niece, and father in law. It will be a nice family reunion for my father in law and hubby's side of the family, with all my FIL's kids and grand kids in one place for the first time in years.

Hubby and I have just spent the evening reconnoitering and cleaning to try and figure out where to put everyone. After a couple hours now of housecleaning and preparing, I'm now sitting down with my reward: Baileys over ice! Wait, maybe I didn't say that loud enough. Mmmmm... Baileys! (Yes, I do realize how silly that will sound if you're reading this at 9:34 a.m. Friday, but trust me, I really enjoyed my drink!)

I may obviously be "offline" for most of the weekend, but I will try to get a couple new recipes and hopefully some photos up to share. Michelle has requested a couple of specific recipes, and I think a couple others have as well. Never fear; I'm on the case! :-) If I'm not here blogging, you'll know it's because I'm being forced to leave the computer and actually go outside, into the sunshine. LOL! Have a great Friday, don't forget to do your pushups today (and report back here!), and I will check in Saturday if not sooner.

Love, Dahrlin'


Stephanie said...

Love the new design, I didn't know where I was at first!!!! I love me some Bailey's in my coffee 1st thing in the AM!!!! Have a great weekend!!!!

Angela said...

Thanks Stephanie! I am loving the new design too. It just brings a smile to my face, which is desperately needed at work today!

And yeah, Bailey's is yuuuummmy in coffee!

you have a great weekend as well!

Angie said...

Ok, I'm officially miserable now. I did my 4 required sets and then did an impressive 15 on my 5th set. However, I did switch to modified (on my knees) from now on. I just couldn't handle my toes anymore. So, my 15 isn't quite as impressive now! :-)

Michelle said...

Good job, Angie. My chest is still sore from Wednesday, but I'll get mine in yet. Somehow!

And Bailey's? You really ARE a girl after my own heart. Yum! (btw, if you have leftover cream you don't know what to do with, freeze it into cubes and use that for your ice -- makes for a nicer melt than the water you get otherwise...).

Enjoy the houseguests! Mine come August 8. Five adults. All from my husband's side. I'm not looking forward to it at all.

Angela said...

Michelle - I am going to have to do LOTS of pushups to make up for the creamsicle Baileys you mentioned that I now MUST try. I didn't know you could freeze cream. Now that I do, I will stop drinking the leftovers straight from the carton (snort! :-) (See, now you probably think I am kidding about that carton business! And I am...sort of. LOL!)

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