Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Honey!

Today is my hubby's 40th birthday. Happy Birthday Sweetie!

I wanted to post a pic of just him, but he is very particular about what pics of him I post. So I found this older one (an engagement portrait from *ahem* several years ago) that I figured he would approve - if only because it was taken when he was barely 33, LOL!

But he looks much the same today. He's still as handsome as always!


Stephanie said... nice. I guess I didn't realize I didn't know what you looked like. Your kitchen is pretty and so are you! ha ha :) Happy Bday to your man.

Robin's Reports said...

Happy Birthday Daniel!!

What a coincidence. Renee's hubby's b-day is today too. "Simon Peter's" b-day is tomorrow.

Angie said...

Happy bday!! Toast him for me this evening. Looking forward to hanging out with you guys in a few weeks! :-) xoxo

Connordog said...

Happy Birthday to Daniel!!!!!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday to BOTH our husbands! (Mine didn't have a choice about the photo going up.) You both look so happy!

Angela said...

Thanks ladies!

Stephanie - thanks so much! I need to get a photo in my profile, LOL!

Robin - wow - Jim's bday too? It's also Michelle's hubby's b-day.

Angie - can't wait to see you guys (and the girls!!)

Steph - thanks from Daniel! And slurpies from Tuck.

Michelle - I have GOT to get my hubby a hat like that. Hope your hubby enjoyed his cake! It looked awesome!

::kacy:: said...

what a GORGEOUS girl you are!

Angela said...

Thanks so much, Kacy!

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