Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Doug!

Today is July 10th, and it's Doug's birthday! I know most of you don't know my friend Doug, but he and I make a point to remember each other's birthdays. And I am NOT going to be the one to drop the ball. So I'm publishing a happy birthday wish for him here. There's a really humiliating story behind the fact that I never forget his birthday, and he's sweet enough to always remember mine. And I promise to share my humiliation with you soon. But for now, happy birthday, man. Hope you have a great day! And thanks for going on ahead of the rest of us (by a few months, anyway) to check things out!


Angie said...

Happy Birthday Doug! I'm so glad the electronic age can do my thinking for me. If I didn't have an online program to remind me, I probably wouldn't remember my own bday. Oh wait, I'm TRYING to forget my bday. LOL!

I hope your neighbor's surgery went ok. I was thinking about her yesterday. :-)

Angela said...

Thanks for the prayers for Madi. All is well as of today; she's been in a year-long battle with brain cancer. Chemo, radiation, and now this second surgery. But they say it was a success, thank the Lord. So now she can hopefully begin recovering from it all and remain cancer-free.

Robin's Reports said...

Happy Birthday Doug!! (This is the same one that I know, right?)

Angela said...

Hey Robin! LOL, no this isn't Doug Boutwell. But I'm sure my friend Doug will appreciate your wishes!

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