Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Have you ever heard that saying that goes, "I try to take one day at a time, but lately, several days have attacked me at once?"

That's how I feel on this fine Wednesday evening. Ever since I was ecstatically, thrillingly, super-fabulously honored to be featured on Saucy Eats on Monday, I've wanted to sit down and do nothing but blog, blog, blog. And read all your wonderful blogs, and leave you comment love, and just enjoy the wonderful thoughts everyone left. That's what I've wanted to do!

In reality, I've instead been completely absent from blogland for days now, and I'm going into withdrawal. That can't be good for anybody! But a conspiracy of factors, including returning-to-work-after-vacation, trying-to-restore-order-to-house-after-week-of-staycation, trying-to-care-for-sick-hubby-who's-been-home-sick-all-week-after-vacation, and just trying to keep myself healthy have all come together to keep me from enjoying guilt-free blog time. [Pause for hysterical laughter from self, as blog time is almost never guilt free, but is sooooooo much more fun than Being Responsible. And besides, I have mastered the art of procrastination!]

So in the spirit of masterful procrastination, I have had enough of being away from blogger and I am rebelling. Thusly, here I sit, blogging happily while egg salad and toast a magnificent four course dinner simmers gently on the stove. (I heard that. Don't hurt yourselves laughing, now!)

In the meantime, I remembered another favorite recipe I have been meaning to post. It is one of my very favorite desserts, and includes two of my very favorite foods in the world: chocolate and peanut butter. Okay, three favorites - it's got ice cream, too. I mean, seriously. Does it get any better than that flavor combination? It is VERY easy, so don't even think you can't do it. I PROMISE, you can! It's sooooo good, and there's no baking involved. I don't have pics handy yet, but I can tell you we'll definitely be making this one again sometime this summer, so I'll come back and edit the post with photos then.

In the meantime, I present the most crowd-pleasing, kid-pleasing, bliss-inducing dessert you could possibly make in the heat of summer. So here ya go. Enjoy!!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie
(adapted from Lori Hunter, Quick Cooking, July 2005)

Handful of honey roasted peanuts, chopped
Graham Cracker Pie Crust (shhhhhh! I use store bought)
3 pints good quality chocolate ice cream, softened a bit
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup coarsely chopped miniature peanut butter cups, divided (easier to chop if you freeze 'em first)
Caramel and Hot Fudge Toppings (optional)

Now, I can already hear some of you from here. If you want to make your own graham cracker crust (or even a chocolate cookie crust - ooohhh, that would be yummy!) you certainly can. But because this is basically a no-fuss recipe, I give myself a break and go with my good friends at Keebler. Plus I am pretty sure I had some pie crusts I wanted to use up the first few times I made this, which could have played into that decision, LOL!

In a stand mixer or large bowl, gently combine the ice cream and peanut butter just until blended smoothly. You don't want to beat all the air out of the ice cream. And you also want to work quickly, because once you taste this heavenly mixture (who KNEW???) if you're like me, you'll be very tempted to just curl up on the couch with the bowl and a spoon, and forget the pie (and everything else that's going on in your life). The peanut butter does something amazing to the ice cream's texture. I can't describe it adequately, but... just trust me on this one. If you like creamy desserts, this one's for you. But you must fight the power, and proceed directly to making the pie!

Spoon half the ice cream mixture into the pie shell and freeze until mostly firm - around an hour. (Don't forget to put the remaining ice cream back in the freezer too, but you'll want to soften it a bit again before you fill the rest of the pie). When the pie's almost frozen, sprinkle with most of the chopped peanut butter cups (you can throw in some chopped peanuts here too, if you like) and then top with the remaining ice cream mixture. It'll be pretty full, but don't worry! Just round it off so it looks pretty. It'll look rock-star awesome when you serve it. Sprinkle top with the remaining peanut butter cups (and peanuts if you want) and cover. Freeze until firm. To serve, slice and enjoy - or top with anything you want - caramel, hot fudge, more nuts, etc. Be prepared to literally lick the plate - this one's that yummy!

Love, Dahrlin'


Crowzma said...

Welcome back. You're killing me! C'mon, Angela. Wathcha got for a diabetic? Never mind. I'm off to suck down a spoonful of natural, unsweetened chunky peanut butter. It'll have to do!

Michelle said...

Oooo, I'm so wanting ice cream right now. Of course, I'm one of those freaky people who doesn't like nuts or peanut butter but ummm that would work with Nutella, right? And maybe Heath bars in place of the Reeses? Darn it, I want one now!

Angie said...

Oh my, that looks so yummy! I'll have to add this to my "to do" list. Hope your Thursday is stress free! :-)

Stephanie said...

Hey there. I am not sure if I have commented or not since you stopped by Tuesday, but I meant to. I explored your blog and love it. The pool is beautiful! Congrats!!! And I love your red French Oven. Is it Le Creuset? I have the same one!! And love your recipes. I will definitely be peaking around more.

Jul said...

Ah, how lucky you are to live in a country where you have easy access to miniature peanut butter cups. :)

Angela said...

Ginny - I'm sorry! I didn't know you were diabetic! I do have a bunch of non-dessert recipes :-) Check 'em out!

Michelle - I am LOVING the idea of nutella ice cream. I think Giada even has a recipe for that, and yeah you could definitely do any candy you wanted.

Angie - You'll love it!

Stephanie - Hi and thanks for visiting! So glad you're enjoying the blog. Explore to your heart's content! And yes, that's my LC french oven. It's my very favorite piece of cookware. I use almost nothing else these days. And thanks for the kudos on the pool! We're loving it! And I'll definitely be by to check out more of your blog. Your recipes look super yummy as well!

Jul - Oh man, that's right. American candy's not so easy to find in Germany. Surely there's something similar? I'm so glad to reconnect with you! Can't wait to read more of your blog (and see those to-die-for Alpine pics you've got all over the place). So. Jealous!

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