Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tag, You're It!!

My best friend recently tagged me, and I'm only about six weeks a wee bit late in responding. So here goes!

What was I doing 10 years ago?

Wow... ten years ago, in the summer of 1998, I was a few weeks away from beginning law school. That was an odyssey that would consume the next three years of my life, but for that summer I was blissfully unaware of what awaited me!

Five snacks I enjoy:

(1) Peanut butter and graham crackers
(2) Sunflower seeds
(3) Cheese
(4) Ginger ale
(5) Dove Miniatures

Five Things on My To-Do list today:

(1) Pick up my photo reprints, so I can complete my wedding scrapbook (I got married in 2001, so clearly I'm a little behind in this area!)
(2) Shave my legs (it's really bad, but I was so tired this morning I forgot)
(3) Organize next week's menu plan. I have to start these things early (see wedding, above...)
(4) Work out (hm... body would rather blog. I didn't have the energy to argue...)
(5) Cook a nice dinner!

Five Things I would do if I were a billionaire:

(1) Adopt.
(2) Pay my debts, and my family's.
(3) Give to Christian missions.
(4) Adopt.
(5) Adopt.

Five jobs I have had:

(1) Ophthalmology Tech
(2) Receptionist at two vets' offices
(3) Proofreader at an accounting firm
(4) Medical insurance billing manager
(5) Attorney

Five of my bad habits:

(1) Procrastination
(2) Eating that extra bite that always makes me feel stuffed
(3) Always running late
(4) Texting while driving
(5) Did I already say procrastination? (I keep meaning to check but keep putting it off)...

Five places I have lived:

(1) Lookout Mountain, TN
(2) Hixson, TN
(3) Athens, GA
(4) Kennesaw, GA
(5) Smyrna, GA

Five people I would like to get to know better (yes, this means you are tagged!):

(1) Knatolee

Five Random Things:

(1) I need to empty the dishwasher.
Knat and I are having a blast in our own impromptu Scrabulous tournament!
(3) Several of my best friends from high school and I have been
reminiscing about our favorite playlists from those days. I can't tell you how those songs throw me back in time.
(4) I joined "
The Secret is in the Sauce"! Woohoo!
(5) Please keep
Tressa, her husband and her family in your prayers.

1 comment:

Angie said...

Great list! And better late than never. :-) I'm off to prepare for our last swim class (yippee!!). Have a great Thursday!

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