Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My favorite poolside drink

In keeping with my recent theme of recipes and pool project reports, here's a post that brings the two together.

This is my very favorite fruity drink, and it's one my Dad recommended to me on a trip to Hawaii years ago. I've loved the drink ever since, but tend to only drink it on vacation. Since we haven't taken a beach vacation in a while, and probably won't for a looooonnng time while we're making up this pool budget while we enjoy the new pool, I made a couple of these this weekend while Angie was here. She's even got a great photo of the drinks if you want to see what they look like. Try it, I think you'll like it. Just don't cheat on the fruit juices. Use real lemons and limes; nothing out of a jar or one of those little plastic lemons. I'll give you a break on the oranges, as I use low-acid OJ from a carton myself. :-)


Planter's Punch
(makes two servings)

Juice of 2 limes
Juice of 1 lemon
1/3 cup orange juice
1 small can pineapple juice
4 oz light rum, or equal parts light and dark rum
2 tsp triple sec (just estimate)

Combine all ingredients and shake over ice. Fill two tall glasses with ice, and strain punch into each. Top with a splash of grenadine in each glass for a sunrise effect. Garnish with pineapple chunks or cherries and enjoy!


Angie said...

Love the new header! I found a site that has free templates for us. I'll email you later this morning with the info.

Thanks for the drink recipe! I'll have to go visit the beverage store this week to stock up. :-)

Angela said...

Enjoy! If you buy dark rum, which does make it better, I usually buy Meyers'. (do equal parts light and dark)

American in Norway said...

Thank you for popping by my blog & your nice message. .. Looks like I am going to have to come back & get some ideas when i feel like cooking again!

Angela said...

Thanks for stopping by Tressa! You have so much on your plate right now - just take care of your hubby and come on back to browse the recipes when you have some time. Maybe while he's recovering he'd love to try some new recipes, LOL!

Take care!

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