Monday, June 30, 2008

Menu Plan Monday!

Wow, is it Monday again already?

I have a confession to make - I'm writing this post ahead, because I'll be out of town most of this weekend. So in an attempt to get myself organized, I'm writing this on Friday over lunch while I've got a moment. I will update on Monday if any changes to the plan occur, but I'm hoping at this point that our plans for next week are pretty well set.

Hope everyone is looking forward to the 4th! We've got some friends coming over, so I'll share the menu for our holiday feast as well. Except for that day, this week will feature a couple of freezer meals that I didn't get to use this past week, as well as some generally lighter dishes (for time and weight-related reasons, LOL!). Without further ado, here's the plan!

Monday: Giada's Chicken Cacciatore, Herbed Noodles

Tuesday: Burgers, Fresh Corn, Fruit

Wednesday: Caribbean Turkey, Baked Sweet/Russet Potatoes, Peas
(based on a request from last week, I'll publish the recipe for the turkey and take some pics for you if I can)

Thursday: Salmon, Spinach and Gouda Quesadillas

Friday: Horseradish Egg Salad Sandwiches, Fruit (night before company)

Saturday: The big feast! Burgers and Grilled Chicken, Baked Potato Salad, Asian Slaw, and PW's beautiful Fourth of July Cake. If I'm really feeling ambitious, I may make some homemade ice cream too :-)

Sunday: HA! Are you kidding me? Leftovers - and cook's day off, LOL!

Everyone have a wonderful week, and a safe and happy July 4th!


Angie said...

Ok, you're motivating me now. I'm really wanting to get my act together in this area. Thanks for the visit at my place!

bafleyanne said...

Sounds yummy, I can't wait to see the recipe for the caribbean turkey! :)

Angie said...

Sound good! I'm hoping to get my menu posted later today. I'm at least 2 days behind at the moment, but I'm running fast to catch up! :-)

Angela said...

Hi Angie!

This is a new feature for my blog, but I plan to do it each Monday. I'm finding it at least forces me to make a plan, which is half the battle in using it, LOL! Check back if you like, and join in the fun.

Barbara - I'll definitely post that turkey recipe. If I can remember, I'll also take some pics for you ladies! Another commenter requested it as well. I can't wait to try it!

Angela said...

Duh, I just realized I didn't distinguish between Angies :-) There's three of us now! For my BFF Angie, don't worry. Being behind on everything is standard operating procedure for Mondays. It's why I hate them.

ahorne said...

Hey - I'm an Angela, too! :)
Your menu looks yummy, and I *love* Pioneer Woman!!
Have a great 4th-

Michelle said...

Angela, I need you to back up...

You're making salmon, spinach and gouda quesadillas? Or are you making gouda quesadilla, salmon, and spinach? If it's the former, I'm SO intrigued!

And I think I hate you a little for having everything so planned out (as I'm eating my sushi from the takeout dish).

Angela said...

LOL Michelle! Yep, you got it right the first time. The quesadillas I make are salmon, spinach and gouda. I just saute a little onion, stir in some canned salmon and a tiny bit of worcestershire sauce, then wilt a handful of fresh spinach over it. To build the quesadilla, layer tortilla, shredded gouda (chill it before you try to shred it), salmon/spinach mixture, cheese, and tortilla. Brush with butter and either toast in skillet or on quesadilla maker (handy little gadget I'm glad to have!) Enjoy!

Angela said...

Sorry gang, I forgot one thing in the quesadillas. I add a little garlic to the small amount of onion when I sautee it. Yum!!

Michelle said...

Ooo that sounds good. I'm going to try it with grilled salmon (since that's what's in my freezer). Sounds lovely -- and garlic was going in with the onion regardless ;) I love recipes that involve all items that are in my house without any special trips!

Angela said...

I think you'll like it! And yeah, I love it because it's a total pantry meal for us :-) hope you enjoy!

Michelle said...

One thing I did differently was to grill the salmon on a cedar plank before flaking it for the quesadilla. I don't have canned salmon, but I do have some fillets frozen! Oh, and I forgot the Worchestershire, but I made my husband's first, so I'm off now to go add a few dashes to my quesadilla ;)

Ok, my husband took a bite and said "This is a keeper." The only things I did differently were to make a bit of a chiffonade of the spinach so it wouldn't pull out as you ate it and use salmon grilled on a cedar plank instead of canned salmon. YUM! But so so filling, too! I was surprised.

Angela said...

Oooh, good idea on the spinach!

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