Sunday, June 29, 2008

Beagle Theology

I know, I know. With a title like that, how can you not read this post? LOL!

As some of you know, we have an 11 year old Beagle girl, Tucker. She and I have a somewhat complicated relationship, mostly because her determination to be the boss of her little world clashes with hubby's and my determination to explain to her that she's not, in fact, running things around here. (Okay, so maybe she does run things sometimes...)

But I am a lifelong dog lover, and even though a Beagle would not have been my first choice, hubby got her before he got me :-) So, here we all are. And most of the time, Tuck and I get along quite well.

Periodically, if hubby is outside and the house is quiet, she will come wandering into my office to see what I'm up to. She's pretty independent, and not at all glued to my side like my beloved Rottie was. But occasionally she wants hugs and love, or I guess just to know she's not in the house alone, so she'll come toddling into the office and sit next to me. I give her big hugs and pats and tell her how much we love her, and she pretty much takes this as her due and then goes on her way. But in those moments, she displays a dependence and vulnerability towards us that she doesn't often show.

So this morning I wandered out of my office and she was milling around in the hall at the foot of the stairs (I promise, I'm going somewhere with this narrative!). Usually when she does that, it means she can't really decide what path to take. Does she come into my office and check on me? Go upstairs to see if hubs is in his office? Go back to her bed? Usually if I hear her wandering in the hall I'll call out to her and she'll come running. She knows my voice and knows I wouldn't call her to go somewhere that's not safe.

So today I went to her, and she gave me tail wags and came to sit by my feet. I gave her hugs, and as she looked up at me I realized that her relationship with us is a good metaphor for the Christian's relationship with Christ. Okay, it's an imperfect reflection, of course, but some of the same principles are there. Tuck sees very dimly (literally, and figuratively) compared to the eyesight and knowledge I have. Her physical eyesight is bad , her perspective is very different as she's only a foot off the ground, and then of course her canine brain isn't really as powerful as my human one (a fact she's not always convinced of, but still ;-) I can see, understand, comprehend, reason, and act on a level far above hers. And in the same, way, Christ can see, understand, comprehend, reason and act on a level far above mine.

Because there are a lot of things she cannot do for herself, like obtain food, shelter, water or other basic necessities of life, she relies on us for those things. And although I'm as likely as anyone else to feel proud of myself, I do know that really, everything I have, and all that I am, comes from God. I would have nothing if He did not provide it so lovingly. It only takes a good thunderstorm and a couple of nearby crashing lightning bolts to remind me of who's really in charge around here.

Like our dog, who has a wealth of toys to play with, cushy beds all over the house to sleep on, and healthy, safe food, water and treats to enjoy, we have likewise been lavishly blessed by the Father with all that we enjoy. We put gates and fences up to keep her from wandering where it's not safe, and in the same way, Christ guides us through life based on his principles, ways and directions. They will keep us on the right path, if we'll just stop trying to dig under the fence :0)

Even though there will always be moments in our lives where we just don't understand what's happening to us, or wonder what we did to deserve a particular situation, like Tucker we trust that even though we may not enjoy that moment much, there's a reason and a purpose behind it all. And sometimes God rewards us tangibly for that trust - milkbones for humans, LOL! But always, even if it's not tangible, he blesses us for trusting Him fully.

Anyway, these things occurred to me as our elderly pupper stared trustingly into my eyes and wagged her tail for me. May I have that kind of trust and patience, to wait on my Heavenly Father and trust His hand in every part of my life.

Have a blessed day! And if you have a dog, give them an extra treat or two. Tell them it's from Tucker. :-)


Robin's Reports said...

What a neat parallelism to Christ. Also, one more I had thought of was that to Tucker, our 70-100yrs of life must seem like an eternity to their short lives. Eternity is one of the hardest concepts for my children to grasp.

Anyhow, I love the beagle theology.

Angela said...

Thanks Robin! You're absolutely right - I hadn't thought about the age thing, but that goes perfectly with the analogy.

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

Angie said...

Very profound! You're such a great writer! ;-)

Angela said...

Angie - LOL I'm hardly profound, but glad you enjoyed the post! Tucky sends Beagle kisses!

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