Sunday, May 18, 2008

Your Prayer Requests?

"Pray without ceasing."
1 Thessalonians 5:17

For my Soulful Sunday post, on a more serious note this morning, I was reading through a study guide for a book I'm currently reading, and was struck by something. I have often asked others to pray for various needs my family, friends or I may have, and I thank each of you who have been so faithful to respond to those requests. I have at least one friend whom I know keeps up with some of my prayer requests on a daily basis, and I am so thankful for that faithfulness.

However, I have not been as faithful about asking for your prayer requests in return. So I would like to do that today. If there is anything I can pray for any of you, please email me and let me know. The request stands, anytime. Please don't think this request is limited to friends or family who consider themselves Christian. And it doesn't matter if I know you personally or know you well. Of course you don't have to post them publicly in the comments section, and I promise I will not post anything related to your requests online. Send them anonymously if you like. But if there is anything in particular you would like to request prayer for, I definitely want to help. Please email me or respond in the comments and I will promise publicly that I will be diligent in praying for your requests. The important thing is just to ask. I believe God hears every prayer and answers them as He knows is best, so of course I cannot offer you any guarantees on the answers. But I can promise to pray alongside, or for you, as your friend.

On a related subject, one of my favorite pastors posted a sermon on his site relating to praying for others to trust in Christ. One thing that really got my attention was his statement that all Christians have come to Christ because someone, somewhere, prayed for us. Often many "someones." Whether it was a parent, a child, a sibling, a friend, a pastor, a coworker, a missionary, a combination of these or even a complete stranger, someone, somewhere was praying to God that I and every other Christian would be saved, before we ever were. Maybe for many years. How humbling to think that God moves others to pray for us before we even know we need (or want) those prayers. And that He may use us to pray for others before they, likewise, realize they even have a need.

Anyway, I hope that if there's anything I can pray or do for you, you'll let me know. Hugs to each of you today!


Robin's Reports said...

Travel mercies for our family on Thur & Memorial Day.

That I can be a witness to my dying "Uncle" and family.

Thanks Angela

Angela said...

Definitely will do, Robin!

Connordog said...

Gosh, I have so many blessings in my life, that I am forever trying to remember to be thankful. Especially in the wake of these tornados that we have been having.

The one big thing I am praying for right now is my friend's unborn child. There may be complications and we are all worried. I am praying that they have a happy healthy baby.

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