Saturday, May 31, 2008

We're getting close!

It's supposed to be 89 degrees here today. Weather like this makes me REALLY wish our pool was ready, but at least we are finally making progress again.

It's been a frustrating few weeks on the pool front, as our flagstone decking contractor has worked only three days out of the last three work weeks. We've had good rain in the meantime, but blessedly nothing that would have interfered with our work schedule (should the contractor have chosen to work!) You've probably seen the pics from last week, where they showed up (finally) to do two days' beautiful work. However, inexplicably, they did not show up Tuesday-Thursday of this week. We decided that if he did not show up Friday, he was fired. Once he heard that, the alleged problems he was having miraculously cleared up, and they showed up yesterday to do a good bit of work. I'm relieved that we're back on track, and the guy says he understands now that we expect him to work straight through until he's done.

If all goes well, the stonework (and brick columns for the fence) should be complete by mid-next-week. The trees we're going to plant along the ravine side (for a little more privacy) will hopefully go in next Thurs-Friday. Then the following week should see the completion of the fence. Once that happens, they can put in the pebbletec interior and we can FILL this pool! WAHOO!

So we're back on track for a tentative completion by mid-June. Please keep us in your prayers! In the meantime, here are a few pics of the latest progress:

This is the under-deck space, which now has that "ceiling" to keep things dry:

And they've now grouted and completed the first area they did:

Oh - and one of my favorite parts! They finally cleaned out the nasty garbage and yucky accumulated water from the pool:

Here's Miss Tucky, checking it all out. We didn't keep her out very long, becuase snuffling up concrete dust probably isn't very good for Beagles :-)

And lastly, while it's fun to see all the progress on the pool, I often find myself really missing the lush greenery we use to see in all directions in our backyard. So a quick trip over to the waterfall, to admire the water lilies and just plain see something green for a change, lifted my spirits immensely!


Angie said...

Pool progress looks great! I know you're so excited to be moving forward again. Can't wait to see the finished product in a few weeks!

Connordog said...

My bathing suit and I are ready to go :)

Angela said...

We can't wait to have everyone over to visit - and swim! Wahoo!

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