Tuesday, May 27, 2008

So cool!

Okay, by now most of my regular readers have probably figured out that food is pretty much my obsession favorite subject. I like to learn about it, shop for it, prepare it, and I love to eat it! I keep trying to write to you about other projects and interests, but I keep getting sidetracked back into food... I'm really going to have to work on that. Tomorrow, maybe?

Like most food and cooking lovers, I am constantly accumulating piles of "recipes I really mean to try today, tomorrow, or 'sometime soon enough to leave them lying around where they are handy'". These accumulated piles look awful, make me feel (slightly) guilty, would not make Flylady proud and drive hubby crazy, and actually drive me crazy after a while (only because I can't find the one I'm looking for after a while; not because I am averse to the Pile Filing System in general, which has served me beautifully since I was old enough to make piles of Little Golden Books that I wanted to read "later").

~[Note to my dear husband, just in case you are reading this: the foregoing statement, about not being able to find the particular recipe I'm looking for, should NOT be construed as any kind of admission or statement to the effect that the Pile Filing System, in use for many years in our home for all sorts of organizational projects, is anything less than spectacularly successful, efficient and perfectly useful.]~

Ahem... as I was saying...this evening I went looking for a new, nifty, something-I-haven't-thought-of-before-method of organizing these piles of must-try recipes that are taking over my house from every corner need to be stored slightly more neatly. And I found something so stupendously cool I almost fell out of my chair. Check THIS out!

It's called Tastebook, and using this site, not only can you upload and search/use/browse thousands of recipes from sites like Epicurious, you can also create your very own book like this from your very own recipes! Now tell me that's not cool!

Needless to say, because I am great at beginning things with tremendous enthusiasm (see Item 35), I've been sitting here for about an hour uploading my own favorites, which I would love to have in one place and bound in such a beautiful, artistic and supa-fab (nod to Fussy) way. I interrupted my recipe transfer project only because I felt the need to get the word out about this site. SOOOOO cool! Run, run, run, with your spautlas and cookie sheets in hand, and check this out! (and no, I do not have a vested interest or get anything for referring you...sadly). You'll be glad you did!

Now, back to my recipes...

Love, Dahrlin

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Angie said...

Woo hoo!! A new site for me to check out when I get back from vacation...or while I'm on vacation...ok, seriously, when I get back from vacation. Ha ha!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

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