Sunday, May 25, 2008

Playing Catchup

While on my "mini break" I've been out of touch a few days, at least from blogland, so this will be a post covering several topics :-)

First, on Friday we had a wonderful visit with our friends Robin and Jack from Florida, and Steph and Doug (and pupper Reilly). We really appreciate each of them taking time out of their schedule this weekend to come visit!

We got another half inch of rain Friday evening (yay!) but everyone had to drive in it (boo...) which made getting here a bit of an adventure for all concerned. But everyone arrived safely and we had a great time visiting! The boys played pool and enjoyed the man-cave downstairs, while we ladies were able to chat and play with Reilly and put the finishing touches on dinner.

After the rain departed, we were able to hang out on the deck for a little while and enjoy the misty but still refreshing weather. Hubby grilled some burgers and chicken for us and Reilly and Tucker supervised deck cleanup, making sure that no stray crumb from the grill went unappreciated. :-)

We had a great night and only wish everyone could have stayed longer!

Next, I am pleased to report that I've got another 8 dinner kits in the freezer for this month. I worked on those for most of yesterday, and the winners so far are Pepper Steak, Caribbean Turkey, Parmesan Crusted Chicken, Flank Steak with Red Wine Sauce, Chicken "Pollo Loco" Fajitas, Chicken Cacciatore, Apricot BBQ Chicken, and Tex-Mex Pork Wraps (we went ahead and made these in the crockpot yesterday, and served with fresh corn on the cob and garden salad - quite yummy). I have a few more meals I need to finish up today, but that will complete this second batch.

On my trip to the store Friday, I was pleased to find the first nice-looking strawberries of the summer. I brought some home and had a serious desire for my version of strawberry shortcake last night (berries tossed with a tiny spoonful of brown sugar, served over pound cake cubes and topped with either vanilla ice cream or cool whip). I had no pound cake handy though, so decided to try a pound cake "cupcake" recipe, which I hoped would simultaneously bake faster and be just the right size for an individual serving. I'm happy to report success on both counts, and I very much enjoyed my favorite "quick and easy" fruit dessert. To top off our day, we received a previously-unseen Midsomer Murders episode on Netflix, so watched that last night. All in all, quite a fun day!

This morning, I slept in for the first time so far this week (I know, I know). That felt wonderful and I'm enjoying a nice homemade Zone breakfast now (okay, so it's lunchtime, but we'll call it brunch). I'm loving this vacation!

Meanwhile, the pool project continues to progress (slowly). I think it's the warmer weather that's making me impatient, but at least they're moving forward. Friday, they made some further inroads around the pool, and here are the results (try to ignore the nasty, indescribably-colored yucky water in the pool). I think they would have worked longer, except for the downpour that began around 5. Hopefully they'll pick back up Tuesday and finish up the decking this week, so I don't have to send out any flying monkeys!

Today hubby and I have a few "around the house" type projects on the schedule, and I'm hoping to finish up another Lizard Ridge Block later this afternoon. Stay tuned!

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Connordog said...

The pictures came out great! I've blogged but I have to get some pictures up. They are on the computer upstairs! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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