Friday, May 30, 2008

Foodie Friday: A Kitchen Hardware Upgrade

Okay, I know this is a scary looking picture! (or beautiful, depending on your viewpoint.) Never fear! This instrument shall only be used for good, never for evil :-) It is expected to assist in the production of many Pioneer Woman-worthy yummy recipes, just as soon as it's been inaugurated for use in my kitchen.

So this is my new Santoku knife.

I've been wanting one of these babies ever since I started watching Food Network several years ago. Watching Rachael Ray, Giada, and all my other favorites use these awesome-looking knives that are both super sharp and to which, amazingly, things like disobedient vegetables which must be subdued sliced pieces of onion, garlic, tomato and mushroom don't adhere, only to go rolling and bouncing off the cutting board upon the next slice or dice of the knife. I know my kitchen knife skills aren't perfect, but I also know I'm not the only person to have that problem, because they created these nifty little scallops down the side of the blade, specifically to combat the sticking issue.

Now, I need all of you reading this to do something, and this is very important: PRAY FOR ME. Right about now, you think I'm kidding. HA! Shows how much you know (okay, now I really am kidding - most of you know me very well!) Specifically, pray that I don't cut myself with this spectacularly efficient knife. Every review I've read says it carries the sharpest factory-cut blade around. That's great for use on food, but dangerous for klutzy people like me. People who, say, missed attending their law school graduation because of a nasty disagreement with a cheap kitchen knife, which I those people will never buy again, now that they know the dangers of a flimsy, flexible blade. But I digress... remember that scene in The Bodyguard, where Kevin Costner tosses Whitney Houston's scarf up into the air, and the sword blade cuts it cleanly through using only the pressure of gravity? Yeah? Well, that was really cool, but I don't want it happening to any of my body parts!

So, using lessons well-learned I've heard tell about, I will be exceedingly careful with this new beastie in my kitchen. I will be, as one like-minded reviewer recommended, using it with all the precision I can muster, and washing and returning it to storage immediately after use. I will use all my spare energy admiring its expectedly superior cutting prowess, which is the stuff of legend.

However, all that said, it's a gorgeously crafted kitchen knife, made by one of the finest cutlery manufacturers in the world. I am very pleased to own it (and will remain so, as long as I don't hurt myself!) and can't wait to try it.

Unfortunately, its maiden outing to the cutting board will be delayed by at least a day, while I get some sleep. I didn't rest well last night, and my reflexes are in no condition to test it out this evening. (This is me, trying to learn from my those mistakes I've heard about!)

Check back soon for the official new hardware review! I'll post it along with some photos for your enjoyment, just as soon as I get some rest and can think straight again!

Happy Foodie Friday!

Love, Dahrlin


Angie said...

OMG, I'm SOOOOOOO jealous!!! I was just telling someone the other day that a Le Creuset piece of cookware and a Santoku knife were the 2 pieces missing from my kitchen. You simply must let me admire this knife the next time I visit. I promise I won't touch. I'll just admire it's awesomeness from afar. Sigh. :-)

Angela said...

Thanks! And don't worry, you're welcome to check it out on your next visit! By then I should know how sharp it is and you can test it out if you like. Let me know what you find at Le Creuset! Happy Shopping!

Katherine said...

You are cracking me up! I love your new knife - just be careful with it. Richard bought us a set of Cutco knives a few months ago and I managed to puncture and slice myself 3 times the first week. :-)

Angela said...

Thanks Katherine! I will definitely be careful!

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