Saturday, April 5, 2008

What a difference a day makes!

I could write a narrative to describe the beginning of pool excavation, but before I do, I think I will start by letting the photos speak for themselves:



They have to come around the far side of the house, the "long" way, so they are doing maximum damage to the yard. Daniel said one guy asked (gleefully) if they got to destroy the waterfall. He said NO!!



Poor hubby had a rough day: Work as usual (several conference calls), me calling every five minutes (it was killing me to be at work and unable to do anything), the contractors asking questions every other five minutes, and then...they cut a water line. Unfortunately it was not a small line, but rather a sprinkler system pipe tied directly into the water main. Since the cut occurred above all the shutoff valves, the only way to stop gallons of water flowing out by the second was to turn off water to the entire house. And of course, though we (ironically) hoped they would not begin digging on possibly the wettest weekend of the year so far, they did... and it's still raining right now. Rained all night, and supposed to continue today. I'm VERY grateful for the rain, but it makes repairing leaks outdoors a bit of a challenge. And of course it exacerbates the mess in the backyard. There are plumbers on the way now, but I bet when they see the pit in the backyard they're going to love this. Meanwhile, even as I write, rain continues to fall harder. I don't know how much we've gotten yet, but I bet it's almost two inches. Will check the rain gauge if it ever slacks up!

More updates soon! At least the pool is underway! I'm planning to spend this rainy day at home cooking, avoiding the outdoors except for going to the grocery.

Tucker's planning to spend the day curled up by the fireplace!

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Katherine said...


What a disaster! I am amazed by how calm you are. I would have had to leave town or something else drastic, like an entire day away shopping.

Hang in there - it's going to be wonderful when it's done.

:-) Katherine (Hembree)

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