Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy weekend!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

While we're washing our way through about 10 loads of laundry, I thought I'd post a couple pics of the latest pool progress. Today's pics are not as dramatic as the last few, because we're getting into detail work now. But they've finished the coping (border) around the pool, as well as a lightning grid (scary thought).

The flagstone around the pool (the decking) will have a little more variegation than the coping; it will resemble the coping around the spa with more grays, browns and beige. And the stacked stone work on the spa is pretty much done!

They are also working on a stacked stone retaining wall which will sit behind the spa. For now it's cinderblock, but it will soon resemble the work around the spa.

And last but not least, I wanted to share a pic of our (newly spring green!) backyard trees. They're filling out quickly and I'm so happy. Soon (I hope) to be followed by our gardenias. Trees are probably not a big deal to most, but around here (where almost every subdivision is clear-cut), seeing all that green come back after a cold and gray winter is amazing. It's so incredible what God can do!

Happy Sunday!


Angie said...

Wow, the pool progress is great! I can't wait to see it in person next weekend. Woo hoo!! My trees aren't looking quite as nice as yours, but I've got this bush in the front yard that's gorgeous. I'm trying to figure out what it is so when we re-landscape the front yard, we can get more of them. Happy Sunday!

Angela said...

Thanks! Can't WAIT for our girls' weekend!

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