Monday, April 7, 2008

Day Two...and a new Lizzie Block!

Hello! Today was an excellent day all the way 'round. The local schools are on spring break, so traffic was light. Work was pretty calm for the same reason. Our first homemade "freezer meal" for the month (stuffed Italian chicken breasts, from this genius) turned out amazingly well, and took only half an hour, I got in a good run to start off my week of working out, I finished Lizzie Block 9 (I'm so happy to be knitting again!) AND they made a lot more visible progress on the pool today (as opposed to mere wanton and apparently aimless destruction of my backyard). Wahoo and praise God!!

So here are a couple more pics of the pool progress, as well as Block #9. A few notes - the mammoth machine from last Friday was joined by its big brother today, which has an enormous jackhammer sort of thing on the end of its arm. Hubby said they spent all afternoon crushing through rock with that thing; I'm sure our neighbors hate us. (Click to enlarge picture for the full effect; it's scary! If anyone can think of any cute and inexpensive gift ideas we could give our 10 closest neighbors with an apology note, I'm open to ideas!)

The pool is starting to take shape, though, and with all this rock in the vicinity the builders say there's no worry about it going anywhere or really, for that matter, even being able to leak.

For reference, that band of bedrock you see in the closeup is almost as deep as the shallow end itself, currently (before concrete, etc.) about 6 feet.

The side yard, while still icky, is not nearly as wet today, so that is an additional blessing. And having seen just how much rock is under our house, I know I never have to worry about it going anywhere! At least, it won't be sliding into the backyard. I guess sliding toward the front is always a possibility, but we're going to think positively! And here's hubby, with a smile on his face (now that the clanging and banging has ceased for a bit).

And oops, I almost forgot LIZZIE!


Robin's Reports said...

Your pool is going to be so nice!

My youngest wanted to know why he had to pray for Angela's poo. It seems as though some prankster removed the /L/ from your pool on our dry erase board.

So, I will tell him all about your rain, pipe break and rocks next he asks me tomorrow about your poo[l].

Lovely Lizzie block too.

Angela said...

Thanks Robin! That is hilarious about the prayer request. I will be laughing about that all day!

When it's done you guys will have to come see the results of all those prayers! We really appreciate them, thanks so much!

Love and hugs!

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