Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Day 3

Feels like Day 33! Today's update will be short and sweet - good news is the excavation of the pool is more or less finished. Bad news is they broke another pipe and hubby is beside himself with four days of water hassles now. It's the kind of thing where they break it and then we're expected to fix it. So hubby fixed it once and they broke it again. Geez! But it's fixed (again) now, and hopefully they won't break anything else (including the house itself) tomorrow! All that really remains from the earth-moving stage is for them to haul the enormous pile of rock away, and re-grade the damaged portion of the yard (oh - and find a way to get those monstrous machines out of that hole... I *really* don't want to be around to see that maneuver!). There still won't be grass much of anywhere, but at least there should not be as many tire ruts! Without further ado, here are the pics:


dephal said...

No water is no fun! But it will be very nice to have a pool!

They showed up to dig ours pretty unexpectedly at 6am the morning after we brought Quinn home from the hospital. I woke up swearing at the neighbors for making al the %$#@ noise, only to discover it was *us*! But we sure have enjoyed it since.

Robin's Reports said...

Wow, you really have a lot of rock in your yard.

Remember they're not hassles, they're divine interruptions. (LOL) Ducking & running.

Angela said...

LOL! Robin, I'm trying to keep that attitude! And poor Phyllis, with Quinn. They showed up at 7:45 yesterday, but only to move dirt; no jackhammering at that point. I'd have killed someone too! Hubby said the guy that cut the pipe yesterday did so on his way out, and didn't even look back. GRRR! But I actually ran into one of my neighbors yesterday and she said her little boy just loves to sit in his window and watch the "trucks" as they work. So at least someone is enjoying the production!

But yes, the thought of a crystal blue oasis in the backyard is what's keeping us going right now!

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