Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let it SNOW!

Okay, I know a lot of the country doesn't get this excited when it starts raining white stuff. But around here, down in the deep south, this kind of blowing snow is considered a near whiteout. :-) At the merest hint (or even prediction) of a flurry, most people go running for the grocery stores and gas stations and swipe the shelves clean of milk, bread and anything else they think they might need for the next week and a half! Unfortunately, it's not predicted to last through the night, but it's been beautiful to enjoy for the evening. Huge, fat snowflakes that have accumulated nicely everywhere (except the road, sigh). When I came home from work, there were about fifteen neighborhood kids playing in the yard across the street.

Sadly, our beautiful snowfall has already disintegrated into a mere cold drizzle, but here are some pics I took earlier tonight. The first is our fishpond, and the second is out the front door (only place I could get enough light, since I still haven't read the directions on my digital camera. I'm stubborn that way...) I REALLY wish we'd get a snow day out of this, but tomorrow's high is predicted at 40, which along with tonight's rain should turn it into a gray, but not icy, morning. At least I hope it's not icy!

Tucker loves the snow, and jumped around like a puppy (she's 11), but I couldn't get a shot of her smiling face without the snow blowing into either her eyes or mine. Oh well. Anyway, happy Wednesday! It finally feels (and looks) like winter here in Atlanta!


Robin's Reports said...

Very cool Angela. I got an email tonight from my sister saying that were getting sleet in Columbia, SC. I assume that since you have snow, then my other family has snow in Atlanta as well. How wonderful. I can't wait for their pictures. Yours are beautiful.

Angela said...

Thanks Robin! I hope your family got to enjoy the snow here as well. It's such an event since we don't get it very often. All the kids were having a ball, although you could tell the parents were cold and wanted to go inside since it was dark and freezing!

Hugs to you guys!

Connordog said...

I need to post some snow pics too. Yours came out great!!! Now all we have is MUD

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