Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Let it SNOW!

Okay, I know a lot of the country doesn't get this excited when it starts raining white stuff. But around here, down in the deep south, this kind of blowing snow is considered a near whiteout. :-) At the merest hint (or even prediction) of a flurry, most people go running for the grocery stores and gas stations and swipe the shelves clean of milk, bread and anything else they think they might need for the next week and a half! Unfortunately, it's not predicted to last through the night, but it's been beautiful to enjoy for the evening. Huge, fat snowflakes that have accumulated nicely everywhere (except the road, sigh). When I came home from work, there were about fifteen neighborhood kids playing in the yard across the street.

Sadly, our beautiful snowfall has already disintegrated into a mere cold drizzle, but here are some pics I took earlier tonight. The first is our fishpond, and the second is out the front door (only place I could get enough light, since I still haven't read the directions on my digital camera. I'm stubborn that way...) I REALLY wish we'd get a snow day out of this, but tomorrow's high is predicted at 40, which along with tonight's rain should turn it into a gray, but not icy, morning. At least I hope it's not icy!

Tucker loves the snow, and jumped around like a puppy (she's 11), but I couldn't get a shot of her smiling face without the snow blowing into either her eyes or mine. Oh well. Anyway, happy Wednesday! It finally feels (and looks) like winter here in Atlanta!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Monday, Monday

I try not to post "downer" blog entries, but today was a yucky Monday, for a lot of reasons. The already-blistered burn I got on my hand this morning (courtesy of an innocent-looking coffee mug whose handle is most definitely NOT microwave safe) was only the beginning. I won't drag through all the details, but suffice to say both hubby and I will be glad to leave this day behind and move on to tomorrow! I'm trying to work on my attitude about Mondays, but days like today remind me where I got it in the first place :-)

In the meantime, I am determined to end this day on a positive note. I've been reading a wonderful devotional book that my mother in law gave me for Christmas last year (yes, sadly, I'm just getting into it this year, but it's great). I love its daily thoughts, and I like it so much I went looking to see if I could find a link for it on the web, so you guys can read it if you would like. Happily, it is in fact on the web (a day at a time, as opposed to the year-long book, but still). I'll post the link over on the sidebar and hopefully you will be able to follow it on any given day, for those who are interested.

I've also got some more recent pics to share and will post those soon as well.

In knitting news, there's not much new :-) I haven't yet started another Lizzie Block, but that is slated for this weekend (as well as ordering some more Kureyon!). I can't wait!

In the meantime, happy Monday (hope yours was better than mine!) and thank the Lord tomorrow is a new day!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Fun DVD's

This is my last miscellaneous post for one day - can you tell it's my day off and I don't really want to do anything productive? Hmm. Perhaps too much champagne went into yesterday's celebrations... :-)

Anyway, it's a freezing cold and windy day here, perfect for watching movies (the boys - hubby and Dad - are watching football all day, but I'm waiting for the Georgia game tonight). We all enjoy the Midsomer Murders series (British mysteries) but are, sadly, caught up with production and must now wait for the next set of DVDs to be released. If you like mysteries, it's a great series and fun for all ages (parents evaluate first, for little kids). Very well done. So we're suffering Midsomer withdrawal, and in the meantime, we're starting to watch the Inspector Lynley Mysteries. Also pretty good - I like both for different reasons. Check them out if you get a chance. I do wish they'd make more of these kinds of mystery series. Especially since there's no end in sight on the writers' strike here in the US! :-P

A few Christmas and New Year's Pics

Happy New Year!

We've had a lot of fun the last week or so, visiting with family and friends for the holidays. I'm so excited to have a digital camera (finally) that I'm taking pics of just about everything. The dogs, being unable to voice complaints or demand a lot of editorial rights regarding what gets posted on the web, are the easiest targets. Here are a couple from the last few days. Tucker, being silly; Tucker, sacked out in front of the fireplace with her head as close as possible (her favorite when it's chilly); and Max, Dad's dog that visited with us for Christmas. (PS - to get the full effect of Tucker's expression, click on the first pic to enlarge. She's so goofy.)


So, over Christmas break, I finished the long-in-progress Block 8. This one has more than a couple of errors, because I went so long between sessions of work on it that I forgot the pattern in a couple places (sigh). But I'm back on track now and looking forward to continuing with the afghan.

Also got a much better camera (make that an actual camera instead of the one on my phone!) for Christmas, so hopefully the pic will be better.

Happy New Year and Happy Knitting!

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